Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Barbie's Career for 2014 - Thanks, Simon of The Doll Observer!

Simon Farnworth of The Doll Observer shares the latest Toy Fair news about Barbie's career for 2014. It is a timely shift, especially if we take into consideration Barbie's real age - 59. I doubt though that either Mattel or their core audience for the I Can Be Barbies is thinking of Barbie as being that old. (Talk about Fat Barbie; try selling a Mature Barbie, ha ha.)

Interesting that Barbie should take this career path now. Back in 1999, Smartees Emily the Entrepreneur held this title. Emily's small company created teddy bears. What do you think Barbie's business is about? Leave a comment if you have ideas about Barbie's new venture.

By the way, looks like Mattel seems to be offering this I Can Be Barbie in 4 variations - possibly, Black, Hispanic, and Asian as well as White. Good news. Mattel is listening to requests for diversity ... or is this in response to the newly launched Prettie Girls? I LOVE when other companies produce playscale dolls; their action gets Mattel back into a more competitive spirit.