Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eeeeeeekkkk and Jumping Up and Down

At last -- found the Diego and Roberta set I had been seeking for months. Gotcha. He's all mine, he's all mine, mine, mine. The doll, of course, not the real actor-singer playing the Diego part. The doll Diego doesn't strongly resemble the actor-singer Diego. Shrug. The doll Diego is still a new cute male so he's welcome.

The Roberta doll in this set seems to resemble the actor-singer playing the Roberta part more than the other dolls I have. Her right hand seems to have lifted to touch Diego's left hand. Awwww .... Maybe I should leave them "together?"

Note: check to see if the other RBD couples touch hands. I don't think that they do or did.

Where did I find my new dynamic duo? Norristown Walmart. This wonderful Walmart also had the other RBD sets: Miguel and Mia and Giovanni and Lupita.