Friday, June 15, 2012

Catalina and Damita: Munecas from Jakks Pacific

Note: this post has been created in response to a suggestion from Limbe Dolls. Thanks for the suggestion, Paulette!

Jakks Pacific, an American toy company, has produced an interesting assortment of playscale dolls and action figures. Among the figures produced were the Juku Couture line, the WWF* wrestlers, the G.I.R.L. Force series, and the Muneca de Moda, Catalina and Damita dolls.

The Muneca de Moda dolls were "blonde" Catalina and "brunette" Damita. You could "Coleccionales Todos!" by buying all four Catalinas and all four Damitas. Since the only difference among the dolls was the outfit worn, I settled with one of each doll. Their bodies are basic Barbie clones - click bend knees, straight twist and turn waists, and unbending arms that end in gracefully splayed fingers.

Had I been given my choice, I would have bought the cowgirl Damita in poncho and jeans and the dancer Catalina in red blouse and black skirt. Instead, I bought the then available floral print dressed Damita and the cream knit dressed Catalina. Shrug.

Here is a close up of the two munecas:

And here is a full length photo of them:

Please note: the wine red dress worn by Catalina is NOT a Jakks Pacific fashion; that dress came from an Aoshima/Skynet doll set.

* At the time the Jakks Pacific Ringside Rebels Wrestlers were produced, the wrestler entertainment group was called the World Wide Federation.