Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doublemint AA Cheerleaders at Toys R Us

I really should NOT have been there in the first place. Toys R Us. It's just that I had not visited the South Philly Toys R Us for so long. I thought: I don't have to buy anything. Just look and see. See if they have something that the Cottman and the Aramingo stores do not have. Just looking was my downfall.

Because I was there and I did see this set and I almost broke down and bought them. Almost. I told myself that I had at least FOUR Desiree-faced dolls already. Told myself that I was getting tired of the Desiree face already. Told myself that the doll bodies were probably "hobbit Barbie bodies." Told myself that complexion variation was NOT reason enough to get another set of dolls with the same face. Repeated that reminder at least three times. Finally tore myself away after I found a long-desired item that caused me to set this Toys R Us special down.

The item so fascinating to me is the Toys R Us Exclusive African American or black cheerleader pair of Grace AND Nikki! Yes, two black female dolls in the Barbie pantheon, in the same box. Like Cara and Christie. Or Christie and Nikki. Wow. And although they both have the same face sculpt (grrrrr), they have different complexions! So I was very hard-pressed to leave these dolls behind me.

Now for those of you who do not have a Toys R Us selling this doll set, I suggest you walk your fingertips to this web page if you would like to add this Grace and Nikki set to your doll collection. Me, I am wondering when I will be back at the South Philly Toys R Us. Because I think I might get that set after all ....

By the way ... Toys R Us has FREE shipping for these dolls. Enabler? Moi?!