Saturday, November 6, 2010

Justin Bieber Anyone? New Dolls

While I was searching for online information about the Burlington Coat Factory Barbies, I came across this news: a Justin Bieber doll will be sold by Toys R Us. Now I can just recognize this singer's name, but those of you who associate with teenagers and pre-teens may recognize him. (How do I recognize the name? A local disc jockey, Danny Bonaduce, mentions Justin Bieber. And I've seen young Bieber's poster at Walmart. Don't know what he sounds like. Don't particularly care to find out. Must be [my advanced] age because I at him and wonder why him.)

He looks as if he might be Barbie-scale, so we might have another young male figure to add to our collection. Maybe ... I'll wait to see the actual doll.

A new male figure anyway!