Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Work a New Year's Resolution: Organizing a Doll Collection, Part 1


I am falling ...

                   Falling ...

                                   FALLING down a rabbit hole lined with dolls and action figures.

Oh the agony of the unorganized doll and action figure collector!

"J'accuse,"  the voices cry. "Guilty!"

I turn left. Eyes turn right. As I raise my hands to cover my ears, I dislodge brightly colored booklets, old catalog pages, and hardbound collectors' books. The heaviest book strikes my bare foot. I howl and pull my knee in to reach my sore foot. My butt dislodges sixth scale motorcycles. Furniture and diorama sets follow. Mini fingers and feet and elbows also jab as I descend.

"HELP," I cry again.

A calendar sheet falls to [my]eye level.  I notice it is for the magical month of January when organizing tips abound and resolutions shine.

"I'll do it! I'm taking an Organizing Challenge."

And as if by magic, I am restored to my computer desk where I draw up this list.
1. Why I must get organized. Because ...
  • I bump into things (awake - as do others in my doll rooms)
  • I'm not sure what I have
  • I want to downsize
  • I'd like to get some Want List dolls
  • I'd like to enjoy my collection more creatively - sewing, crafting, writing

2. What "organized" is for now:
  • I know what I have
  • I sell what I need to sell
  • I know where things are ... those are my goals for January

3. Where will these actions occur?
  • Front room
  • My bedroom
  • Laundry
  • Doll room

4. How I will achieve "organized" state?
  • List organizing actions by room
  • Schedule actions
  • Publicize completed actions

5. When 
  • January - March 2015

6.  Who? 
  • Me - but I welcome your suggestions.
How about a few pictures from the front room? 

Boxed dolls in IKEA bags

Loose dolls and action figure

 Boxed and bagged dolls and boxed magazines

Next step? Sweeping floors and getting citrus fruit. (I do not "do" cut flowers.) Then writing my "to do" lists for each room holding dolls and action figures. And taking photos!