Monday, September 28, 2009

Doll Collector as Villain or Humanitarian?

A recent post on the DollyDaily blog laments the negative image of doll and action figure collectors on television shows [and in movies, my addition]. According to this stereotype, doll collectors are weird and dangerous nutjobs who either prize their plastic "idols" more than they do live people OR they seek to trap real humans into "doll" form for control.

Ooga booga ... BOO!

I'll take "weird" - my Mom disagrees, but she's a Mom. "Nutjob?" I'll argue that down to "creative" and "imaginative." Moving on ... "dangerous" ... meek little (cough, gasp) me? No way. Sure, I take dolls and figures off shelves and possibly deprive children of that doll or figure. Mostly though, I try to help people. I click on the Hunger Site daily. And there are lots of other collectors like me, who not only TRY to help people, they actually do help people.

Example: Rudi Teruel of R and D Dolls has found a way to help victims of the Filipino typhoon - please read more at his other blog

Example 2: Niel, a Filipino collector and dear contributor to Comments here at PhillyCollector, shares additional helpful information

Granted, they are two collectors, but there they are - helpful and concerned doll collectors. Concerned about living people. Because collecting dolls doesn't negate love and fondness for living people.