Friday, June 28, 2019

World Doll Day - Saturday, June 8, 2019

This World Doll Day post was inspired by a blog post written by doll enthusiast Taswegian1957 

World Doll Day 2019 found me sorting through my dolls and accessories. You may remember that after I "got sick," some of my doll items went to my sister's house and others went to a storage unit. What happened next? I retrieved all items that went to my sister's house except my digital camera and some of the items from the storage unit. Eventually, I had to drop the storage unit: I couldn't keep up with the fees and I couldn't ask my family to do so. 

Books and Research
I know I lost most of my books - however, I do have a few doll magazines, doll box art, and other research like catalogs and old newsletters. 

Dolls and Action Figures
I lost my childhood Malibu Sun Set Christie and her steady beau Hasbro The Defender (aka "Don America"). I know I lost Girls' Mission Mai and all three of my Lady's Mission dolls. Pause for mental scream of anguish. I doubt I would be able to get them again. Bye bye gynecologist, nun, and sunburnt athlete. But I've got the gynecologist's lab coat, maroon knit dress, silver pleather sandals, and I think her medical instruments. Pause to check ... alas, her silver plastic medical devices are not in her box. I have the box though and her dress, shoes, and lab coat. And a translucent lab test tube. Sigh.

Also among the missing - YNU Group Rosa - both Rosas. Awwww ... but I probably can still get another Rosa. I have curly-haired Opal (yay, she was my preferred Opal!), Sunshine Houda, and Sunshine Emerald. Vampire-faced Barnabas Collins and his body and shirt and pants are gone. I do have his aged head and his "human" head as well as his cape both in his original box. So I can re-create him on other doll bodies - two other doll bodies, come to think of it. Exciting idea. My Mattel Diana Ross is gone. But I still have the melted butt Mego Diana Ross from my youth. While the Mattel Diana was prettier, I preferred the Mego Diana. She seems to loom over everyone, ha ha. I like her stare, too. My Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls seem to be missing. Sigh. But I might be able to replace Josie and Valleri; not sure about 

I have my Momokos, most if not all of my Power Team guys, Mattel Elizabeth Taylor, 3 of my Get Set dolls (Vanessa, Isabella, and Fiona, yes! Alas, Gia is gone.) and enough of my favorites left that I won't let myself dwell on the lost ones. I'm alive, and I have many dolls. So, I'm satisfied. Life is good.

Here is a link to some of my loose dolls.