Friday, June 28, 2019

World Doll Day - Saturday, June 8, 2019

This World Doll Day post was inspired by a blog post written by doll enthusiast Taswegian1957 

World Doll Day 2019 found me sorting through my dolls and accessories. You may remember that after I "got sick," some of my doll items went to my sister's house and others went to a storage unit. What happened next? I retrieved all items that went to my sister's house except my digital camera and some of the items from the storage unit. Eventually, I had to drop the storage unit: I couldn't keep up with the fees and I couldn't ask my family to do so. 

Books and Research
I know I lost most of my books - however, I do have a few doll magazines, doll box art, and other research like catalogs and old newsletters. 

Dolls and Action Figures
I lost my childhood Malibu Sun Set Christie and her steady beau Hasbro The Defender (aka "Don America"). I know I lost Girls' Mission Mai and all three of my Lady's Mission dolls. Pause for mental scream of anguish. I doubt I would be able to get them again. Bye bye gynecologist, nun, and sunburnt athlete. But I've got the gynecologist's lab coat, maroon knit dress, silver pleather sandals, and I think her medical instruments. Pause to check ... alas, her silver plastic medical devices are not in her box. I have the box though and her dress, shoes, and lab coat. And a translucent lab test tube. Sigh.

Also among the missing - YNU Group Rosa - both Rosas. Awwww ... but I probably can still get another Rosa. I have curly-haired Opal (yay, she was my preferred Opal!), Sunshine Houda, and Sunshine Emerald. Vampire-faced Barnabas Collins and his body and shirt and pants are gone. I do have his aged head and his "human" head as well as his cape both in his original box. So I can re-create him on other doll bodies - two other doll bodies, come to think of it. Exciting idea. My Mattel Diana Ross is gone. But I still have the melted butt Mego Diana Ross from my youth. While the Mattel Diana was prettier, I preferred the Mego Diana. She seems to loom over everyone, ha ha. I like her stare, too. My Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls seem to be missing. Sigh. But I might be able to replace Josie and Valleri; not sure about 

I have my Momokos, most if not all of my Power Team guys, Mattel Elizabeth Taylor, 3 of my Get Set dolls (Vanessa, Isabella, and Fiona, yes! Alas, Gia is gone.) and enough of my favorites left that I won't let myself dwell on the lost ones. I'm alive, and I have many dolls. So, I'm satisfied. Life is good.

Here is a link to some of my loose dolls.


aprilperlowski said...

I am sad that you had to give up treasured items because you could not afford the storage unit while you were ill. I hope that you are feeling better and take time to enjoy the dolls you still have.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm sorry that you suffered these losses, but I'm glad that you're still around. I hope you have a healthy and productive summer.

Male Doll World said...

Sorry to hear about your collection, Glad that you are doing better health wise.

D7ana said...

Hi Aprilperlowski, Barb the Evil Genius, and Male Doll World! Thanks for reading this post, for expressing sympathy, and for leaving comments. I had intended to reduce my collection before the Storage Bust; maybe the "loss" was Fate forcing my hand. Shrug.

@aprilperlowski - I am taking time to review what I have and I intend to appreciate them better. I still have some well-loved favorites ;-)

@Barb the Evil Genius - I'm glad to be around. I've got plans to return to blogging. There are some post ideas I have long wanted to explore.

@Male Doll World - what's that saying about Nature and voids? While not intending to, I have gained some new dolls. And I am grateful to be doing better.