Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Some of My Fashion Fever Barbie Favorites

I'm sharing three photos of my favorite Mattel Barbie Fashion Fever dolls that I still have. (Alas, I lost some of the others that I loved, but these are still with me.) I will be deboxing these dolls and deciding which ones I want to keep after I see them "out of box."

Mattel Fashion Fever Makeup Chic Teresa

Mattel Fashion Fever Tokyo Pop Barbie; Fashion Fever United Colors of Benetton Asian Drew and Christie

Mattel Fashion Fever Shannen, Gillian, and Christie


iHanna said...

I don't have any dolls from this line, but from photos I can tell I'd love to own a few! Especially the pink haired Barbie, she is so cute!

D7ana said...

Hi, iHanna! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope you find one or more of the Fashion Fever dolls. Barbie usually isn't my favorite, but how can I resist this pink-haired beauty? She is cute indeed. ;-)

Aside: I, too, have a fondness for paper journals.