Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Photos

Rosa and Opal badger Hassan to wear a Superman costume while two Halloween Kellys add their pleas.

Brenda and Patience review the Halloween schedule in the presence of some of the youthful revellers.

Brenda is a Bbi Perfect Body African American Action figure while Patience is a Antique Dreaming Momoko. Brenda wears a pullover borrowed from Hasbro's Ashley (Maxie) and pull-on pants borrowed from G-Five's Isabella. Patience wears her original Momoko fashion.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taylor Swift Doll at

The new Taylor Swift fashion dolls are shown online here:

Taylor Swift doll

The doll of the young country music singer costs $14.96. From the online photos, the same smiling doll appears wearing your choice of one of three outfits from the singer's "real life" wardrobe. The outfits are cute -- a white or light blue eyelet sundress, a red-white horizontal striped fitted mini dress with attached hoodie, a fuchsia halter dress, and a gold sequined mini dress with a separate pale gold full skirt to make the mini dress, evening wear. I like the gold cowboy boots and the gold heels. I can't see what kind of footwear she has with the fuchsia dress because it blends in with her opaque black stockings.

The doll herself is fairly attractive. Her head is a little large the way character dolls can be -- maybe the doll designers need more space to model realistic features? -- but her head isn't as large as the Gwen Stefani dolls or the Ashley Tisdale dolls. I've seen those two dolls at Toys R Us.

If you check Google and hit the Shopping option, you'll find Taylor Swift Performance Collection Singing Dolls. These dolls are available on eBay. They wear formal gowns and carry guitars.

I'll have to add at least one Taylor Swift doll to my collection.

Alvin Ailey Barbie at Target in Springfield

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie was at the Target on Baltimore Avenue, Springfield. This is the first time I have seen the actual doll. Very long and thick eyelashes. It looks as though she is set in an arched back dance pose, which is pretty enough although I would prefer a doll that can be adjusted to different positions. Then again, she might be simply posed and easily posed in other -- less dramatic positions -- but I could not tell. I'll wait to hear from others or to see her deboxed elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surprise Find at Valu-Plus, 52nd & Market Sts.

A Valu-Plus store had five Integrity Studio It playline dolls, one of the last Janay series. Three of the Janay dolls, I have in my collection already; the two Alysas were new to me. So I bought an extra Janay and the two Alyssa dolls. I call this a surprise find because

a. I had not seen any Janay series for at least a year

b. these dolls were outside Wal-Mart and/or a specialty doll dealer and

c. the dolls cost $4.00 EACH, which is half what the original cost was for this series.

Below are photos of the Janay with the Alysa head mold and two Alysas* as well as a photo of the back of the box:

Corrected - all 3 of these head molds are the last Alysa head molds. Including the dark complected one with the Janay wrist tag.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Three Versions of Mixis Opal

Thus far, there are two versions of three of the Mixis dolls: Emerald, Opal, and Rosa. The Sunset Edition Dolls wear sundresses and lace-up espadrilles and are priced around $49.95; the Limited Edition Dolls wear a cotton tank top, jeans or jeans skirt, and cropped bodice sweater and are priced around $59.95. Actually, on the Mixis web page -- -- there are THREE Opals: one Limited Edition Doll and TWO Sunset Edition Dolls, one with curly hair, the other with straight hair.

Aside: a photo that could be Houda in a denim jacket and denim mini skirt can be seen on this web page:

However, I haven't seen a Houda in the Limited Edition jeans outfit for sale. On that same web page, there is mention of other Mixis dolls: Amber, Amethyst, Coral, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Turquoise. Eight new dolls. Possibly, one of those doll can be seen with Rosa in the Mixis logo shown on this web page:

Wow doesn't suffice.

Exciting News -- Mixis Webpage Updated!

The website for the Mixis Dolls now shows not only the four dolls -- Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rosa -- but OUTFITS for them. There are nine ethnic-themed outfits that can be seen on this web page:

Some of the outfits have kitten-heeled slippers, moccasins, or platform shoes. I don't usually moan over shoes -- I don't care much about my own shoes as long as they are comfortable and vaguely attractive -- but these shoes appear to be miniature art. Rosa's zip up boots and Opal's slip on pumps wow me. My photos shown in a previous entry don't do these pieces full justice. They resemble the Fashion Royalty shoes except that they are more everyday fashion than couture fashion.

I am almost loathe to report these outfits because I am afraid that they would be bought out BEFORE I can get back to hobby purchasing. But YNU Group CANNOT go out of business. Not before I buy at least one of each outfit and ALL of the dolls. That is selfish of me, I confess, but wow, what wonderful, delightful creations.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bound Collection in Photos

I've got some photos of my doll/action figure/computer/pet room or of the bound collection. The collection will have achieved unbound or free status once ALL dolls and action figures and 1:6 scale pets have been liberated from their boxes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kitbashing Idea

My eyes went from the High School Musical 3 Ryan and Kelsie Prom Date set to a When I Read, I Dream Heidi head that I have partially on a Teen Skipper body. The Kelsie head does look a little large on her roughly 10" body. Maybe the Heidi head can go on that body and the Kelsie head can go on the 11" Teen Skipper body. The complexion seems to match -- from where I sit.

Oh, no, it won't do. Heidi is very pale while Kelsie is pinkish. Ah ... but just as one idea bites the dust, another rises. Maybe the Queen of Hearts body could be used for Heidi -- nah. The Queen body looks bigger than I want for the Heidi head. Shrug.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mixis Revisited -- Dolls and Boot Photos

Here are some photos of the Mixis dolls I mentioned previously, Opal and Rosa, as well as Rosa's fabulous boots.

Lukas and Scottie Play Basketball

Nu Face Lukas and Scottie Pippin are the tallest guys in my doll and action figure community. They're both 13" tall. Here they are in an impromptu basketball game -- Lucas isn't properly dressed. (He's in his fashion jeans, his black ruffled shirt, and dress socks.) Lukas will need some more casual clothes to avoid ruining his wardrobe AND to avoid injuries. Shouldn't play in dress socks -- tsk, tsk.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photos of the High School Musical 3 Dolls

Here are photos of the two Prom Night sets and the one Graduation Day doll that I bought:

I'll post another photo when I debox them. I'll get Chad without that shine on his face.

Rebelde School Sets -- No Further Sighting

I asked about the Rebelde School Sets at two Walmarts. No one knew what I was talking about. Not at the South Philly branch where I found Giovanni and Lupita; not at the Roosevelt Boulevard one either.

What's a collector to do?

Spread the query further. I can contact local collectors and collector groups. I can write to other message boards. I could call the branches although calling is less effective in this instance. A store could have an item, but that item could be sold BEFORE I reach the store or it could be misplaced in the store. Then again, the person answering the phone may or may NOT look for the item I request. Shrug. Maybe closer to the holidays? Maybe.

In the meantime, I have other dolls and action figures to get. I placed an order for a nude U.S. Army Ranger 75th Regiment from Hot Toys - this one looks like a better looking Terrence Howard -- as well as two Fashion Royalty dolls and the AKA Centennial Barbie on backorder with Mattel Collectibles. Still, I miss NOT having Diego. (I have Roberta in her concert outfit.)

High School Musical 3: Prom Date Dolls at Walmart

Very pleased to have found the High School Musical 3 Senior Year: Prom Date dolls at a Walmart on Roosevelt Boulevard -- the one at Tower Boulevard. I saw and bought

Ryan and Kelsie
Sharpay and Zeke

Ryan wears a peach three piece suit with a white collar, black sparkly tie, black top hat, and black oxford shoes. Kelsie wears a cream sleeveless dress with peach floral overdress and peach gladiator platform sandals.

Sharpay wears a fuchsia sleeveless satin dress with silver trim at the bodice and the waist and semi-sheer fuchsia glitter kitten heeled pumps. Zeke wears a black satin jacket with tails, white shirt, black string tie, charcoal pants, and black oxford shoes.

At first, I was NOT going to get the Ryan set because I thought the peach suit would be too froo froo. But seeing the suit on the doll, it looks nicer than I had thought it would. While I don't follow this movie series, I do think that the peach suit looks like something the Ryan doll would wear.

I was NOT going to get the Sharpay-Zeke set because most Sharpays look cross-eyed and I had thought that Zeke would look like Steven. This particular Sharpay looks a little less cross-eyed than most, but what really drew me was the Zeke doll. He seems to have more personality than the Steven/Black Ken dolls. And I liked the idea of my Graduation Day Chad having a Black male companion his age and size. Just so that Chad isn't the only "other" in the group of male dolls his age and size.

I like to have a mix of races and ethnicities in my collection.

I'm glad to have nabbed a Sharpay-Zeke set also because I can imagine the protest letters pouring in. Think some people had fits about the solo pregnant Midges? This pairing of a white female doll and a black male doll in ONE box ... oh the outrage that is going to come forth. It doesn't matter what happens in the movie -- there are going to be protests about the dolls. How dare Mattel combine these dolls like this -- and yes, Mattel was brave to create this duo -- and this has to go down in doll history because I cannot think of a time when any doll company has ever romantically paired a black and a white doll. John Smith can be with Pocahontas, but Black dolls are always set off with other Black dolls. Eh well, it is 2008. Time to shake up things, hmmm?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rebelde Guy-Gal Sets

Today I asked a Toys R Us staffer about the Rebelde Guy-Gal sets. He knew what I meant -- how many women go into a toy store during a recession and ask about dolls not on the shelves -- but he wasn't sure that they were out yet. He asked another staffer to check on the computer for the dolls. Well, not only were the Rebelde doll sets a no show on the computer, the one Rebelde Mia in Concert Fashion who was in the store, that doll didn't show up on the Toys R Us computer system either.


I do want to commend the staff at this Toys R Us store: they were patient and they made a sincere effort to find the dolls. I felt almost as sorry for them for the blank wall they kept hitting as for me.

I don't understand how Walmart had at least one set, and Toys R Us has none. I had thought that Toys R Us was the first and last doll and action figure store.

High School Musical Boy in Graduation Outfit

I was at the Wyncote/Cedarbrook Mall Toys R Us today -- I forgot to mention that location in the previous post. That Toys R Us had these Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year Graduation Day dolls: Gabriella, Sharpay, Troy, and Chad. On the back of the box, some other dolls are shown: Ryan, Chelsie, and Taylor. I relented and bought Chad. I mean, a NEW male head mold -- how could I pass him up? And the first Black male teenager - I mean who actually looks like a teenager LOL. Brad, Steven, and the Black Kens all look around thirty years old. Plus, Chad's sort of cute.

Chad will take classes with fellow HSM pal Ryan, Harry Potter, Kevin, and Scott. I can almost *see* the high school set -- stairs and a hallway. Throw in the Generation Girls, the Mystery Squad girls, and a few other teenagers -- neat scene.

Sets will be a future project. It's always fun to have new projects.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Boxes Undone

I've broken down three of the large shipping boxes full of old doll boxes. I am working on a fourth box. What I do is take out each empty doll box, photograph the box -- if it appeals to me -- then remove any accessories remaining, open and flatten the empty boxes, and place the flattened boxes in a garbage bag. It can be a little tedious, but it's lovely how much space I am recovering.

I'm separating the leftover accessories into ones I want to keep and ones I intend to give away or sell. That's been fun. Once I know what I have on hand, I can figure out how I want to store the ones that aren't on display.

The digital photos can be stored on my computer so they won't take up a lot of space.