Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rebelde Guy-Gal Sets

Today I asked a Toys R Us staffer about the Rebelde Guy-Gal sets. He knew what I meant -- how many women go into a toy store during a recession and ask about dolls not on the shelves -- but he wasn't sure that they were out yet. He asked another staffer to check on the computer for the dolls. Well, not only were the Rebelde doll sets a no show on the computer, the one Rebelde Mia in Concert Fashion who was in the store, that doll didn't show up on the Toys R Us computer system either.


I do want to commend the staff at this Toys R Us store: they were patient and they made a sincere effort to find the dolls. I felt almost as sorry for them for the blank wall they kept hitting as for me.

I don't understand how Walmart had at least one set, and Toys R Us has none. I had thought that Toys R Us was the first and last doll and action figure store.

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