Friday, September 19, 2008

Gotcha! One Rebelde Set at Walmart, South Philly

The point of getting the Rebelde sets in a brick-and-mortar shop was that I could look through the various sets and choose the perfect -- among the choices -- face screening that I wanted.

Well, I saw a single Rebelde set of Giovanni and Lupita at the South Philly Walmart earlier today. And I bought that set. Sigh. I'm not crazy about the head mold Mattel chose for Giovanni ... or for the one that they used for Miguel. I think that the actors playing Giovanni and Miguel have narrower faces than the molds used for their dolls. I'd have liked a new headmold for these two at least. But I suppose the company couldn't have produced the dolls as quickly or as reasonably as they did had they created new head molds.

Nice to see the Rebelde sets trickling in ... maybe Toys R Us has multiple Miguels waiting for me. Perhaps.