Thursday, February 28, 2013

Janay by Integrity Toys

Janay is a 1:6 scale playline fashion doll produced by Integrity Toys from 1995-2005. Integrity Toys' president, Percy Newsum, felt that dolls of color were under represented among playscale dolls: Janay, Alysa, and Jade were created to fill that void.

I have several Janay dolls from 2001 and later, but I have none from her early days. Why not? At that time, I was mostly Barbie-focused. Here is a list of Janay dolls that I have had. If you have other Janay dolls to mention, please share the information.

2001    Heat Wave


            Royal Heritage

            Sun Groove

            Tribal Treasures

2002    Color Rave

            Global Peace


            Photo Hunt

            Urban Reflections

2003    Modern Living

2004    Ancient Legends

            CE - Pat Feick Exclusive

            Fashion Fling

            Fashion Insider

            Shimmering Nights

            Street Fusion

            Stylin' Zone

2005    Studio It

For photos of the earlier Janay face molds see these posts by Frannie, Ms. Leo, DollsofAllColors, KeepingKen, and BlackDollCollecting.

P.S. If you have any online photos of Janay, please let me know so that I can add your site to this list. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Charles Has Playscale Presidents!

... and you're likely to want to see them so check out his Flickr photos under axer111.

You may also be "wowed" by the Michelle Obama figure he has. I was - smile.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Justifying a Monster High Want List

I just like the face on this one. And the style soooo ... here is my justification for why I can add this doll and some of the other Monster High dolls.

Drum roll.

The Monster High dolls will be citizens from a future time. "New Humans" who have evolved in the far away future. Part human, part animal/insect hybrids.

Yes, that is my rationale for including them. Sigh.

P.S. I saw this Scaris Catrine DeMew at a local Walmart store.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Janay Photo Link

Want to see LOTS of Janay photos? Check out this link on Flickr Hive.

Gulp. Those are some top notch photos.

Valentine Date Answers ...

T.J. reporting back with an official answer to the Valentine Day couple query:

Hasbro Landro Calrissan and the two Barbie(s) are NOT dating. Landro is considering suing the Joes for tricking him into participating in the contest in the first place. (It seems that he was chosen by the Joes as a prank and by the Barbies because he fit the suit. And the suit looked good with them. Sigh.)

Mattel Ken and Jakks Pacific Josie are also not dating.

He: She said she didn't want flowers, and God knows, she doesn't need chocolate. I mean, look at her.

She: I cannot believe he is real. And he needs to lose that hat. It is anything but cool.

On the cheery side, Tre and Aqua are dating, and Scottie Pippin and Kenya are "head over heels" in love.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

T.J. Asks: Are They (Dating) or Aren't They?

T.J. wanted to spice this year's Valentine's Day entry with a quiz for PhillyCollector readers. By the photos shown below and the pairings, are these couples dating? Let her know your belief in the Comments section.

Remember how people believed Barbie really dated G.I. Joe. We've got some Barbies and a [G.I.]Joe stand-in here to test that belief. Behold how distinguished they all look?

Hasbro Lando Calrissian represents Hasbro G.I. Joe - while Go Red for Women AA Barbie and Pink Ribbon AA Barbie agreed to represent Barbie. Do you sense any Barbie-Joe love here?

Next up, we have a modern Ken and a Jakks Pacific Josie of Josie and the Pussycats. (What is good for the gander is good for the goose is Ken's take here.)

He's into hip hop; she's into country music. Sparks anyone?

We have Mattel's Scottie Pippin and Kenya.

Sizzling much?

Here goes Flavas Tre crossing the doll manufacturer's lines by stepping out with a Jakks Pacific Aqua from The Cheetah Girls.

This Valentine's Day post was inspired by a SuperCoolDollhouse post from 2012.

Whatever your dating status, have a Happy Valentine's Day! (Chocolates will be on sale tomorrow!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Toy Fair 2013

No, I haven't made a mistake there: Toy Fair is the MOST wonderful time of the year for this collector/enthusiast. Mid-late February is when many new dolls are previewed. What could be more fun than that? Okay, yes, the winter holiday sales ... and close-outs ... but ... (hushed tone) Toy Fair ....

First blog with news that I noticed is Ada's site. In addition to some 2013 Barbies, Ada has news about Integrity Toys' Jem line.

Paul of Idle Hands shows new dolls for Mezco Living Dead fans, Monster High fans, and others.

One of my favorite preview sites, Asmzine shares their photos of those creepy two-faced dolls, the Mystixx by Playhut. Playhut is expanding the Mystixx line with Zombies and Grimm figures. Shudder, shudder.

Then there is a new Arklu offering, Lottie, who might appeal to Licca fans. You may remember Arklu as the makers of that amusing Duchess of Cambridge doll.

Finally, there is a series based on the World Wildlife Fund - imagine that! They are called the Zeenies.

So there are a lot of new fashion doll series out. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unpainted Playscale Heads of Your Favorites ....

No, I am not in league to make everyone broke before - pause - TOY FAIR - but I came across this site with gorgeous, lifelike playscale sculpts of easily recognized movie stars - and Muff, they even have an excellent Bruce Lee head sculpt - for $14.00 each head!?! Another Morgan Freeman head for Vanessa and several Samuel L. Jackson heads including his bizarre hairstyle in Unbreakable ...

So, has anyone bought from or heard about this company before? Please do share your findings. Thanking you in advance - as always - D7ana.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Philly Flash Cash Sale - Until February 2nd 10AM!

This is the first Philly Flash Cash Sale. It is a "flash sale" because it is from now (February 1, 2013) until tomorrow morning at 10:00 am. Payment form? Cash or U.S. Post Office money order. (Sorry no PayPal.) Please submit your requests to my email address and note Philly Flash Sale in the Subject.

Happy Family Dad SonAlan and Ryan$30.00

Barbie Millicent Roberts, 1stBarbie$25.00

Bead BlastBarbie$10.00

Birthday Wishes Blue 2005Barbie$25.00

Butterfly ArtBarbie$10.00

City StyleBarbie$10.00

Fashion Fever Wave VBarbie$10.00

Fashion Fever Wave BBarbie$10.00

Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern TrendsBarbie$10.00

Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern TrendsBarbie$10.00

Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by MeBarbie$15.00

Fashion Fever HolidayBarbie$20.00

Fashion Fever 2006Barbie$10.00

Fashion Fever 2007Barbie$10.00

Festival of the World: Chinese New YearBarbie$30.00

PomPom Divas Fly GirlsBarbie and Teresa$18.00

Generation GirlBarbie$18.00

HipBarbie - AA$8.00

Birthstone Beauties: MayBarbie$10.00

Birthstone Beauties: JuneBarbie$10.00

Birthstone Beauties: NovemberBarbie$10.00

Movie Star (British version)Barbie$20.00

My Graduation 2004 (Mi Graduacion 2004)Barbie$20.00

DotW: PolishBarbie$10.00

Pretty FlowersBarbie$8.00

Radiant RoseBarbie$30.00

Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy (Blue)Barbie$10.00

Pop Icons VeronicaBarbie$10.00

Cali GuyBlaine$15.00

Li'l Friends of KellyChelsie$5.00

Barbie DiariesCourtney$15.00

Rebelde: Elite Way School SetDiego and Roberta$18.00

Fashion Fever Wave VDrew$25.00
Disney: High School MusicalGabriella$15.00

Rebelde: Elite Way School SetGiovanni and Lupita$18.00

Beach Fun The New LookKen$10.00

Cali GirlKen$10.00

Fashion FeverKen$15.00

Fashion Fever Wave S Modern TrendsKurt$15.00

Li'l Friends of KellyMarisa$10.00

Candy GlamNikki$9.00

Holiday PartyNikki$10.00

My Scene Masquerade MadnessNolee$15.00

Rebelde Concert OutfitRoberta Pardo$12.00

Disney - HSM3 Senior Yr: Grad.Ryan$12.00

Cali GirlSummer$10.00

Butterfly ArtTeresa$10.00

Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian FruitsTeresa$30.00

Wal-Mart Shopping TimeTeresa$8.00

Tree Ornament: Mistletoe KissesTommy$9.00

Generation GirlTori$20.00

Minimum order $30.00No returns Postage not included

Enterbay's Django Figures

Here is an update on DBG's Black Doll Collecting Django scoop from last month.

Are you a Jaime Fox or Leonardo DiCaprio fan? If you are, you might want to grab these Enterbay sixth scale figures. If the promotional photos are accurate, these new figures will have excellent likenesses. Yes, the figures are based on the actors' Django Unchained roles, but avid fans might be willing to ignore the story source for the excellent likenesses. Hold your breath for the cost - $199.99 each before postage - but these figures are like art so you can consider them investments as well as fun figures.

Any buyers? I won't be because I am not that fond of either of the actors. They're good actors, but they don't rate that expense for me at this time.

DAF Accessories from ModernWizard - Buy or Trade

ModernWizard of The Blog of Eternal Stench has some neat doll accessories for sale and/or trade. And/or you ask? Which is it? Well, either or both. There are prices on some food and other playscale accessories so you can buy stuff. Or you can choose to trade for some of the items on her wish list. Or you can do combine sales and trades? The choices are yours. Have fun!