Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Toy Fair 2013

No, I haven't made a mistake there: Toy Fair is the MOST wonderful time of the year for this collector/enthusiast. Mid-late February is when many new dolls are previewed. What could be more fun than that? Okay, yes, the winter holiday sales ... and close-outs ... but ... (hushed tone) Toy Fair ....

First blog with news that I noticed is Ada's site. In addition to some 2013 Barbies, Ada has news about Integrity Toys' Jem line.

Paul of Idle Hands shows new dolls for Mezco Living Dead fans, Monster High fans, and others.

One of my favorite preview sites, Asmzine shares their photos of those creepy two-faced dolls, the Mystixx by Playhut. Playhut is expanding the Mystixx line with Zombies and Grimm figures. Shudder, shudder.

Then there is a new Arklu offering, Lottie, who might appeal to Licca fans. You may remember Arklu as the makers of that amusing Duchess of Cambridge doll.

Finally, there is a series based on the World Wildlife Fund - imagine that! They are called the Zeenies.

So there are a lot of new fashion doll series out. Enjoy!


Muff said...

Both Walmart and Target had quite a few of these newbies on the shelves. So far I've only been tempted by the SIS girls.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice post D7ana! I want the MH Clawdeen. She is lovely!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain, i agree with you. I also like to see further developments on the dolls. I saw Ada's blog and i like new Barbie's furniture. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Muff, Georgia Girl, and Marta!

@Muff - Thanks for the news that Walmart and Target have some of these dolls.

@Georgia Girl - I want the MH Clawdeen's younger sister ;-D. Which Clawdeen did you want?

@Marta - Further developments look promising ... and Ada is another topnotch blogger ;-D

Cindi Mortensen said...

I'd go crazy if I ever went to Toy Fair! LOL l haven't yet found any of the SIS dolls at either of the Walmarts here though, but I keep looking and hoping! LOL BTW, Dana, have you seen my Moreville Mansion yet? Pics are on my blog. :-)