Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sizzling Summer Sale $10 EACH

Yes, I remain an avid doll collector.

However, the time has long since come (and gone) when I need more space. When some dolls and a few action figures even, need new homes. I have mentioned "downsizing" or "rightsizing" or reducing my collection many times. More times than can be counted, I suppose. So here's my attempt to win on two points - more space AND more funds - Sizzling Summer Sale. Ten dollar dolls!

Any one of the dolls listed below is $10 - postage NOT included. Orders over $75.00, I will accept Paypal. Other orders, please send U.S. postal money order or a Walmart money order, for payment. Please send orders through the comments (which I won't post; just want to give my readers first chance) and include your e-mail address and name with the order. Do allow time for me to weigh your package, too. Canada, Mexico, and overseas readers, let me know your interest; we'll work something out.

Thanks for looking!

All below are NRFT (Never Removed From Tube) or NRFB (Never Removed From Box)

Fashion Fever Barbie

Wave A
Drew, H0653, pink satin jacket and net tutu skirt
Kayla, H0651, silver net jacket, pink net skirt
Teresa, H0658, striped knee high socks, red furry vest, denim skirt

Wave B
Kayla, H0662, silver jacket, red tank, gray heather miniskirt

Wave C
Kayla, pink flamingo top, pink-tan print skirt but powdery residue on doll face

Wave F
Drew, H0895, red tee w. monkey appliqué, pale blue miniskirt
Kayla, H0892, lilac jacket, orange tee shirt
Kayla, H0893, pink mini jumper, gray-green tank
Teresa, H0897, white tee shirt, mint vest, brown print pants

Wave N
Barbie, Styled by me Barbie

Wave R
Barbie MT, purple top, blue jeans
Barbie MT, pink plaid jacket, blue jeans
Drew/Skipper PJ, pink strawberry pjs
Teresa PJ, black hair, pale complexion

Wave T
MT Drew, pink-white lacey dress, blonde hair

Wave U
#J1381 pale complexion, black haired Kayla?

Wave V
#J1410 Barbie, pink mini dress w. painted jewel inset
#J1413 Drew, apricot fur jacket, black mini skirt?

#K3676 Holiday Barbie

My Scene Delancey
My Scene Chelsea Rebel Style
My Scene Madison Rebel Style
My Scene Nolee Rebel Style
My Scene Nolee Just Chillin’

Birthstone Beauties: May Miss Emerald (Black) 2007
Birthstone Beauties: November Miss Topaz (White) 2007

Barbie as Veronica

Barbie Diaries Courtney

These are my first lot to go.

And never fear ... I will be collecting MORE dolls and action figures.