Monday, January 7, 2013

Thirteen Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! Anyone have any New Year’s Goals and Resolutions? Do share yours or your links about them. Here are mine:

  1. Run the 2012 Halloween contest and distribute prizes.

  2. Gather and photograph dolls and accessories no longer wanted; upload photos to Webshots.

  3. Sell or give away dolls and accessories no longer wanted.

  4. Update current list of dolls and accessories.

  5. Re-body dolls for whom I have upgrade bodies; re-paint some faces.

  6. Write article about 10 favorite DAFs of 2012.

  7. Redo my display areas. Use furniture to create scenes.

  8. Re-paint some faces.

  9. Review Mark Freberg and other doll enthusiasts' photography tips.

  10. Buy a copy of FDQ: In Focus; READ and DO exercises from the guide.

  11. Interview doll/action figure companies and other collectors.

  12. Read DAF blogs and comment more often.

  13. Participate more often in other doll forums online and offline.