Saturday, December 6, 2008

Special Auction for Jim Faraone/Hooray For Auction Fever

New project: gathering dolls and items for the special auction for Jim Faraone, doll artist, author and organizer of the IFDC or International Fashion Doll Convention. Collectors are donating or donating percentage of the sale of their dolls to help Mr. Faraone's medical bills.

Here is a message from Larraine of the Auctionfever Yahoo Group:

By now most of you have heard about Jim Faraone's(IFDC) Medical
problems and the huge($90,000) bill he has incurred.

Denise called me and asked if I could do a special charity auction
will all proceeds to Jim and I agreed.

So the auction will be Dec. 13 to 16. You will bid as normal, but all
payments will be made to me through Paypal. Sellers will ship
directly to you. Some sellers are offering free shipping and all
sellers are giving special prices for this auction.

So come on folks help out a friend and let's sell it ALL!!!

Please visit my site at:
Tired of eBay, join us at Auction Fever:


Now I have been thinking about reducing my collection so this request comes at the best of times. Just need to get my descriptions and prices and photos uploaded BEFORE this Friday.

2008 Dolls by Month Update

The 2008 Dolls by Month Photo entries will continue after I have located some missing dolls. The doll/action figure purchase months in 2008 are January, February, March, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. There will be no entries for April or May.