Monday, August 15, 2011

Sandals and Mandals by Limbe Dolls, Part Two

Power Team guys: Eugene (left) and Wilson (right)

Who were the models in the first "Sandals and Mandals by Limbe Dolls? Let's note them by the footwear they borrowed for this occasion:

Pink-white lace w. lace up worn by former Princess of Japan (FPoJ) and Flavas Kiyoni Brown

Red-white-royal blue lace up worn by Izzy-Never-Bella

Black-white polka dot slides worn by Beach Blast Nikki

Brown braid gladiator mandals worn by Legolas Ken

Yes, you guessed it: Limbe Dolls sandals can be worn by other dolls and action figures. Need new sandals for your big-foot beach Barbies? Likewise, some Kens can borrow from the Power Team guys' casual wardrobe. Mandals, whoo hooo. While Mattel has made Ken some in plastic, these Limbe Dolls mandals are softer, more fashionable cloth. However, Limbe Dolls sandals are too wide for Momokos, Susies, Takara Jenny and friends, and similar small feet dolls.

What comments did the East Philly crew make about Limbe Dolls sandals?

"I like the colors, the comfortable fit, and the arch support," Izzy states.

"The masculine colors," the Power Team guys, Eugene and Wilson agree. "The simple design."

"The unusual braiding of the gladiator mandals," Legolas Ken said. "It takes a brave doll to wear mandals. Also, Kiyoni and I loved how the sandal colors contrasted with our coloring."

"Oh, yes, the pink and white lace patterned one," FPoJ and Kiyoni add that those mules make them feel more feminine. FPoJ likes the way the pale pink almost merges with her fair legs while Kiyoni likes how the pale pink and white "pops" against her dark complexion.

"Now those, I was going to paint with some silver or gold nail polish. Have a neat pair of metallic lace sandals. That's the way that I would makeover the lacey ones." Izzy inserts.

"Oh, no! Don't let her, D7ana!" FPoJ and Kiyoni plea.

Now in spite of the general enthusiasm for the LimbeDolls' footwear, there were a few requests and caveats.

"Girly girls, you two. Keep your sissy pink. Lace up sandals are tricky to wear anyway because they fall down too much." Izzy casts her eyes on the black with white dots slip ons. "I'm trying those on next ...."

"Are you kidding, kiddie?" Beach Blast Nikki asks as she moves away from Izzy. "My pink toe nail polish looks even better with these black-white satiny slippers. Try getting them off my feet."

"No thanks." Izzy adds sotto voce, "They probably stink now."

"Ladies ... pink is good for girls. But do you think the gladiator tie-ups look masculine enough for us?" Eugene asks. (Eugene is the Power Team guy in the red-navy color blocked mandals; Wilson wears the black criss-crossed ones.) Wilson notes that civilian Kens can revel in fashion but soldiers and military personnel favor more traditional apparel.

Legolas Ken steps to the front and raises both arms. "Enough. Wilson speaks for himself, His statements are not necessarily those of any of the other Power Team figures or other DAFs. Also, I think we have finished our review of Limbe Dolls footwear for this time."

"Thanks for your patience, all."

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Oh and a big THANKS to Limbe Dolls and her generosity.