Saturday, February 28, 2009

Practical and Creative Re-use for Twist Ties

I've listed web addresses to sites that use DAF packaging for settings and furniture for our figures. The writer-creators at those websites usually use boxes. What about the ever present twist ties? Are there other uses for them? Yes, there are. The following sites discuss twist tie uses:

Twist Ties: The Recycler's Dream Device

25 Creative and Useful Uses for Twist Ties

However, please note that using twist ties to bind computer cords can cause problems. Read the two responses against this use on this page:

Twist ties Bad Idea for PC Wire Management

An even more creative use for twist ties is recycling art. Some artists use "used goods" as their medium. I have sent an email query to one recycling artist who uses twist ties; I am waiting to hear the response before I mail off a batch of freshly removed ties.

I might check local websites for additional recycling artists. If they can use some of the packaging, that re-use could reduce waste volume and sanitation worker workloads as well as ease the conscience of "green" DAF collectors.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling Blue ... Need Paramus Cure

Okay, this is off-topic, but it segues to something on topic so I'm posting it anyway. Did my taxes today. Want to cry. No, not really, but the results aren't pretty. I owe the state, and my federal return just about covers the cost of Turbo Tax. Bye bye visions of Fashion Royalty dolls.

Sigh ... so I need a pick me up.

Buy Therapy is out. Did some Organizing Therapy yesterday. So I'm going to read some doll and action figure photostories. Roville doesn't have anything new ... that is, I'm caught up with those stories. So something cheery, something bright -- without a question, it's some Paramus Chronicles that I need to read.

The Paramus Chronicles are photostories by Michael aka GessHu100 who participates in various Yahoo DAF Groups. The Chronicles are stored on Webshots. I don't want to say more than they've got drama and humor and interesting interiors. Great place to go for some addictive doll and action figure storytelling. Here's the link:

Paramus Chronicles

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Storage Unit!

Someone gave me a 5-shelf storage unit, and I'm pleased with it. Placed my boxed vehicles and furniture there. When I debox them, I will have more room to add boxed dolls to that unit. I'll post photos in a day or two.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Integrity Toys Doll Photos


There are so many new dolls in the Integrity Toys 2009 line up that are screaming my name.

Nu.Face coming out in May 2009
"Old is New" Giselle
"Style Mantra" Eden
"In The Mix" Takeo

Dynamite Girls coming out in March 2009
Rufus, Sooki, Dayle -- possibly Aria and Jasper

Maybe the Fashion Royalty Basic Jordan doll ...

Oh and a new series called Integrity Toys Basic Editions -- I want the two Black dolls and the two blonde dolls coming out this June.

Sigh. Time to run through the collection and sell some older dolls.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tracy Turnblad Up Close

In a recent post on Blog of Eternal Stench, blogger EW aka Modern Wizard, comments on an ad demanding that parents keep their children away from obesity. I mentioned the two plump dolls that I have - Mattel's Rosie O'Donnell and PlayAlong's Tracy Turnblad. I am posting close up photos of Tracy here.

Tracy face forward

Tracy's right side

Tracy's left side

Toy Hunt at Big Lots, Norristown - Part 2

Big Lots also had the following Kitchen set that was available to K B Toys:

I had bought a similar Kitchen set from K B Toys under the Home Sweet Home banner a few years ago.

Recycling and the Collector

This post was inspired by a ModernWizard query/comment.

What materials annoy DAF collectors? Plastic inserts, styrofoam, and wire twist ties. We love the protection - everyone wants to get an intact doll or action figure. After we remove the doll or figure, we are left with packaging. Packaging and how to get rid of it. Responsibly. Time to breakdown the box, separating the cardboard from the clear plastic and/or any styrofoam. Hoping that the trash collectors will take the separated materials. Putting the separated materials in a large, dark plastic bag if/when the trash collectors are on a "garbage only" tour and then a litterer adds food to the recyclables. Grrr ...

Collectors, we have an alternative. And I don't mean putting everything in a large, dark plastic bag the first time. We can recycle our packaging junk by re-using it.

I don't have any recycling projects, but I know of at least three websites where you can find inspiring new uses for DAF packaging. Please see these links:

C. Bradford Gorby's 1:6 Scale Diorama Creations


J. Steven York's "Thinking inside the Box" post dated Tuesday, September 02, 2008


DollDivas Dioramas

You can also check archives of online boards like Men With Dolls or One Sixth Warriors for customized furniture and structures.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toy Hunt at Big Lots, Norristown - Part 1

Okay, I went seeking new or new-to-me Power Team figures. When I go to Big Lots, my target is the M & C 12" Power Team action figures. Alas, the ONLY Power Team figure there was the long-faced, blond Paratrooper in the dark olive jumpsuit. Cute in an intellectual way, but not compelling enough for me to buy a second. So I looked for the dolls.

Big Lots carries a lot of the cheaper and/or close-out Barbies and several of the Chic Boutique dolls. In the greater Philadelphia area, Big Lots, Dollar General, and Conways carry some of the types of dolls once available at K B Toys or often available at KMart. City Style Barbie, Glam Barbie, recent Fashion Fever dolls, My Scene Disco, an early High School Musical Gabriella in red dress, etc. Nothing remarkable. Priced from $5-12 USD so you could get a "cheap fix" here.

I found a Nikki whose eyes are painted to the left; since I usually find Nikkis with eyes to the right. Not an earthshattering difference, but I had gone a long way to get there. I wanted to bring something home. And well, I liked her red scoop-necked top and her full leopard skirt. Five dollar price. Sold to the purchase-withdrawn collector.

Here's a photo of this Nikki

And a closer photo of her face

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Template ... Love the New Look!

My first template - a medium tan center with dark brown side borders - did not seem to match "the mood" of my PhillyCollector blog. I would have liked that template for writing on 19th century British and/or American prose, but it felt less and less "right" for my blog about collecting modern fashion dolls and action figures. Scanned my template options and found this one, "Denim," available. Liked the preview shot and so I switched.

I like the clearer, cleaner look this template offers. The extra "white space" makes the photos pop more and the heavier titles for posts, I find an improvement.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Toy Fair 2009 Photos by Asmzine

One of my favorite sources for Toy Fair information is Asmzine. They have been covering the Toy Fair since 2000. They have photos of the Mattel Barbie dolls and setting.

Asmzine Toy Fair 2009

As the week progresses, they may have information about the Integrity lines, too.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

WebShots PhotoAlbums

I have an account at WebShots that I am going to tie-in with this blog. I will be able to reduce the photo space I use on Flickr/Blogspot for my posts here. That space reduction would reduce my load time, too. I'll see if I can include that WebShots account here tonight or tomorrow morning.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Discarding Boxes or the Unromantic Side of Collecting NRFB

Most of today, I spent discarding boxes after cutting away doll photos on some or removing accessories to be kept or to be donated/sold. Man somebody will end up with a heap of plastic doll brushes. LOL. Whew. I rather regret NOT deboxing the figures sooner. But it is good to be doing this now and separating the things I will not keep into donate or sell piles. If I can increase DAF buying funds, that would be great.

It's also been fun to see what I have. I find nice surprises, Oh, I did get that one? That sort of thing. Also experiencing a lot of, Oh, no this one looks like that one except the outfit differs. (You guess correctly if you think Fashion Fever Barbie ;-P)

Finally, this deboxing exercise is good because it allows me more room. More room to show the DAFs I have and more room for new ones to come in.

Heh heh ... the ulterior motive.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Integrity Dynamite Girls for 2009!

Mid-to-late February is an exciting time to be a collector. I received a message and a photograph of the new Integrity Dynamite Girls for 2009 from Maddie's Dolls.

Dynamite Girls' Electropop Collection!
See Aria, new character Dayle, Rufus Blue, Sooki and second new character Jasper with their funky and hip Electropop style!

Click Here to see the New Dolls


YNU Mixis Dolls' Close Up Photos

Limited Edition Emerald

Limited Edition Emerald right

Limited Edition Emerald left

Sunset Edition Houda

Sunset Edition Houda right

Sunset Edition Houda left

Limited Edition Opal

Limited Edition Opal right

Limited Edition Opal left

Sunset Edition Opal

Sunset Edition Opal right

Sunset Edition Opal left

Limited Edition Rosa

Limited Edition Rosa right

Limited Edition Rosa left

Sunset Edition Rosa

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Set Club and JEM Doll Bodies

I owe this post idea to ModernWizard who asked if the Get Set dolls had the Jem body. I didn't think that the bodies were the same because the Jem body would have existed when the Get Set dolls appeared. Jennifer Baker, the creator of the Get Set dolls, described in the City Paper article - City Paper article
- that she had to have the dolls sent back to the factory to have the nipples reduced and other details for a new doll body she wanted for the Get Set dolls.

However, various molds for Kenner Darci dolls were later used for Hasbro Jem dolls. (See the Aunt Darcie link under Aunt Darcie tab
) So doll molds HAVE crossed companies before. Here's my chance for an investigation. Conclusion? Drum roll ....

The Get Set Club dolls do not have the same body as Jem dolls.

Fiona of the Get Set Club and Aja from the Holograms volunteered to illustrate.

Aja has a taller body and a slightly larger head.

Aja torso close up.

Fiona torso close up.

Aja's and Fiona's upper half. Aja has smaller breasts and a more narrow torso than Fiona. Fiona has nipples. Both dolls have defined belly buttons (innies).

Aja has a more narrow crotch, and her legs are closer together. Aja's legs are slightly longer than Fiona's.

Fiona has a larger derrierre.

The feet are roughly the same size, but Aja has a higher instep. Fiona's feet are more detailed; they have painted toenails.

Fiona's inner and outer ankles are both defined. Aja's outer ankles only protrude.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Set Club and Mixis Body Comparison

I have three photos showing Get Set Club Isabella and Sunset Edition Houda of the Mixis for body comparison.

Houda and Isabella face up (left to right)

Houda and Isabella face down (left to right)

Houda and Isabella side view (left to right)

Get Set Club Dolls

The Get Set Club dolls are an exciting series of dolls from around 1999-2000 that were created by Jenny Baker. The dolls were geared to be an alternate choice to Barbie and the Cult of Pretty and Delicate. The Get Set Club dolls or G-Five as they were also called -- G-Five because there are five of them and their names are Gia, Fiona, Isabella, Vanessa, and Eva -- were based on a more "natural" or "average" proportioned woman. Translation: they had smaller breasts and fuller hips and butts as well as heavier legs and bigger feet than Barbie and the Barbie clones out. And most exciting to me, each doll had her own face sculpt. Yippee!

Unfortunately, the Get Set Club dolls did NOT succeed as hoped. The set of guy dolls that were to follow and the playsets and the outfits were never put on the market -- to my knowledge.

I'm adding photos of the Get Set Club dolls here:

Fiona close up

Gia close up

Isabella close up

Vanessa close up

Fiona and Isabella Profiles (left to right)

Vanessa and Gia Profiles (left to right)

G-Five Strut: Fiona, Isabella, Vanessa, and Gia (left to right)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Black History Month - DAFs Photo Round Four

A few more themed photos:

Workin' Out Christie

The Hadleys, Reverend Isaiah Ezekiel and Maud Mavis

Radiant Rose Barbie