Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Set Club and JEM Doll Bodies

I owe this post idea to ModernWizard who asked if the Get Set dolls had the Jem body. I didn't think that the bodies were the same because the Jem body would have existed when the Get Set dolls appeared. Jennifer Baker, the creator of the Get Set dolls, described in the City Paper article - City Paper article
- that she had to have the dolls sent back to the factory to have the nipples reduced and other details for a new doll body she wanted for the Get Set dolls.

However, various molds for Kenner Darci dolls were later used for Hasbro Jem dolls. (See the Aunt Darcie link under Aunt Darcie tab
) So doll molds HAVE crossed companies before. Here's my chance for an investigation. Conclusion? Drum roll ....

The Get Set Club dolls do not have the same body as Jem dolls.

Fiona of the Get Set Club and Aja from the Holograms volunteered to illustrate.

Aja has a taller body and a slightly larger head.

Aja torso close up.

Fiona torso close up.

Aja's and Fiona's upper half. Aja has smaller breasts and a more narrow torso than Fiona. Fiona has nipples. Both dolls have defined belly buttons (innies).

Aja has a more narrow crotch, and her legs are closer together. Aja's legs are slightly longer than Fiona's.

Fiona has a larger derrierre.

The feet are roughly the same size, but Aja has a higher instep. Fiona's feet are more detailed; they have painted toenails.

Fiona's inner and outer ankles are both defined. Aja's outer ankles only protrude.


E. A said...

Thanks for the comparison photos. I was thinking that the G5s looked like Jems because their jointing is the same, especially the straight arms with jointed wrists [a puzzle is there ever was one]. G5s are nicely built!

D7ana said...

You are welcome as always ;-D

The G5 bodies do resemble the Jem bodies in construction. Both dolls have jointed wrists with straight arms. I think in the late 1980s and the late 1990s, doll makers creating in the Barbie zone - perception of these dolls was that they were NOT Barbie - maintained the smooth, unbroken look of Barbie limbs. So that could be why the elbows weren't jointed. Joints would have been considered ugly. But I need to check to see how the Barbies of those times were, if there were many jointed Barbies at that time.

The G5s and the Sunset Mixis have really nice builds. The breasts on the Limited Edition Mixis seem to have been an afterthought. Dressed though, both sets of Mixis look great.