Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Teresa! Drum Roll, Too.

God, it feels good to finally close my legs!

Oh, I didn't know I was on yet. But check the photo of me below. If you were told to assume a dramatic position, well, you might have done it, too. I was supposed to show how flexible I was. I was also supposed to be bought by some kid who would rip open my packaging and take me out of what had quickly become a painful position. My luck though, I go to a collector who doesn't remove me from my box until 14 years later. On a hot and humid late July afternoon. I kicked off my once-cool brown high tops and wrestled out of the pink corduroy wide legged pants and the long-sleeved argyle sweater. Console myself with this thought: if the kid bought me, I'd probably be in pieces. Here's how I posed in the box:


Glad I got out of prison - the box. Why now? I am here to replace another Teresa who was going to bore you with the fashions she inherited from some other Fashion Fever girls. Some officious bit calling herself Izzy-Never-Bella starts snapping orders at me. Yo, Little Mama - who died and made you Queen? She tosses a dress at me, and tells me I won't be able to use the other fashions. The Teresa closet post was scrapped, but drums are on. Guess I am the Teresa understudy. Whatever.

Do any of you remember when my birthday was? First one to write back with the correct date will win a vintage Francie outfit. TBA tomorrow, August 1st.

Wait, bossy Izzy is back with a camera. If I weren't so relieved to have my legs comfortable again, I would seriously kick her ... okay, smiling for the camera.