Monday, December 8, 2014

New Pinterest Board: I am NOT B@rbie

Collector Confession: when I see Fashion Royalty dolls labelled as "Barbies," I correct the error in my mind, but I would love to have a magic eraser to remove the error and a magic pen to enter the correct name. It's not a value matter - Integrity Toys' Fashion Royalty dolls have their good points. Mattel dolls have their good points. But ... they are NOT the same. Think Kleenex brand versus the generic word, tissue. Barbie is NOT the generic word for all playscale or all plastic fashion dolls. Other manufacturers deserve credit for the products they create. 

A doll enthusiast buddy, Playscale Poser, suggested I  upload photos of non-Barbie dolls I have to help others identify those dolls.

So I have decided to do my part in seeing that dolls and action figures are properly identified. 

Drumroll ... I unleash a NEW Pinterest board, I am NOT B@rbie . There, I'll post photos of other dolls and action figures. I only have about 14 pins up, but I plan on adding more. Suggestions always welcome.

Lanard I-Girl Sahara
Do you recognize me?