Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hot Toys Presents ... Michael Jackson: BAD

Michael Jackson's Bad is my favorite Michael Jackson song/video. So when I saw that Hot Toys is offering a third Michael Jackson figure - previous MJ figures were Thriller and Billie Jean - well, I had to share that information, didn't I?

ToysRevil offers exhaustive details.

Hobby Search offers these photos.

Bigbadtoystore has the lowest price I have seen $189.99.

This figure has moving eyes AND multiple hands for different poses. MOVING EYES?! The resemblance is striking; would you say that it looks exactly like Michael Jackson though?

Hot Toys ... nobody does it better ...

Funny ADULT Article About Twilight Edward

I found this article comparing the Mattel Twilight Edward doll to other glittery male fashion dolls. There are photos of past he-babes like Hasbro's Rio, Mattel's 80s Kens, and T.HQ's Vanilla Ice doll.

Here is another funny doll celebrities article. NOTE: the second article also has ADULT humor.