Friday, April 20, 2012

Warning Morristown: East Philly Wedding Guests Going!

Izzy: Hey, yo! Izzy here. The girls and I decided we wanted to go to Rod and Danielle's wedding. Yep. In Morristown. Way down in Georgia. You can imagine the reactions we got: "Are you crazy? Georgia is states away. You are too young." Yada, yada.

So my pals and I decided, we are too going to Georgia, we are too going to that Wedding. I mean, it just might be the Event of the Year. So we are NOT going to miss it because our parents don't like to travel.

Three heads nod.

Izzy: Anyway, Hanna told her Mom. Her Mom's the coolest of our parents. Her Mom suggested we find a chaperone to go with us. We'd go to the Church and then to the Reception and then come right back. (Well, you can't have everything.) So we found Old Joe was going. Problem, solution, right? Wrong. My Mom freaked. Fee's Mom freaked. Even Hanna's Mom said, someone else would need to go. Just cause Old Joe has a few social problems ...

Hanna: My turn now, Izzy. Hi everybody. Hanna here. Izzy takes too long. Long story short, we found Disco Wanda would chaperone us. She agreed - seems she wanted to go, but she worried people would think she had hooked up with Joe ...

Fee: We shouldn't be telling people what we're doing. Suppose my Father hears about it? We'll be grounded before we can go.

Izzy: Fee's worried Daddy-Preacher will put his foot down. He'd have to walk away from the mirror, first, haaa hhaaa.

Disco Wanda appears: Girls are you ready? Mr. Joe says we have to leave now.

Izzy: Hey, Wanda, yeah. We're coming. Come on girls, it's now or never ... Oh our photo is at the top of this post; Wanda and Joe's photo is right below. Ciao.