Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween U.K. Style: Playscale Weeping Angel Tutorials

Psst … want a new monster for Halloween 2014? Maybe you are tired of vampires and zombies. What about the Weeping Angels? The Weeping Angels are life-sucking villains who appeared in the revamped Doctor Who. If a Weeping Angel appears, you have to keep your eyes on it because if you break eye contact, it can touch you and then feed on your life-force. Shudder. Not a creature I would like to encounter, but good for scares. Another collector had shared the first tutorial for creating playscale Weeping Angels on her Facebook page earlier this year. This seems a good time to  convert one or more of your disposable Barbie clones into these dangerous creatures.

Tutorial 1 has more photos, but I like how

Tutorial 2 suggests using the "sand" textured paint instead of the "stone" textured paint.

P.S. I will not be making any of these Weeping Angels anytime soon - and no, I'm not afraid that the playscale figures will trigger the creatures. I am terribly busy. That is the story I am sticking to. May you enjoy the tutorials and do keep a mirror opposite whatever creature you create. Just in case.