Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Vampire Grabbed My Hair ...

and I grabbed the Holy Water.

Thus a vampire learns that you do not touch a Black woman's hair.

Fellow DAF blogger, E.A. of Blog of Eternal Stench sent me this link to a Boston Globe article about the Mattel So in Style Barbies and the good hair focus among Black women. This article stimulated the above Halloween photograph.

Integrity Toys' AA T.J. struck me as the perfect actress for this scene: her hair is sleek and straight. She has an elegant, formal air. I could see her being annoyed at any handling of her hair. Angel is one of my few adult vampires; he struck me as more likely to bite T.J. than Barnabas. (Added bonus; he was quicker to debox LOL)

Comedian Chris Rock has a movie about good hair and Tyra Banks offers more information about this phenomenon.