Sunday, June 22, 2014

Here Come the [June] Bride(s)

Here comes the Bride and yes, she's got a Groom along, too. Inspiration for this post came from an annual June wedding thread on the DollyDaily doll discussion site. Below are photos of three happy couples on their wedding day. Links to other playscale weddings follow the photos. If you have playscale wedding scenes to share, please leave your link in the comments. Who doesn't love a wedding?

Ahem ... that was a rhetorical question.

Groom: Power Team action figure borrowing the jumper from the Wedding Day Groom, 2007.
Bride: Target Special Edition Clubb Wedd Barbie (AA) wearing her original gown, 1997.

Groom: Hasbro's The Defender borrowing the tuxedo from the Wedding Day Groom, 2007.  
Bride: Malibu Christie borrowing the wedding gown of Marlena Evans, 1999.

Groom: Integrity Toys' Royal Heritage Alejandro wearing his original tuxedo, 2001. 
Bride: Integrity Toys' Royal Heritage Alysa wearing her original wedding gown, 2001.

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Remember, if there are any playscale June weddings that you want to share, let me know.  Leave the URL in the comments so that I and other readers can view them.