Sunday, September 1, 2013

Denise and Kenya Now in Philly!

I checked in a Philly Walmart, and who did I see? Why, the 2013 Kenya and her best female friend Denise. Yes. Good to see them here. Well ....

The Good News

Kenya still comes in 3 complexions - light, medium and dark brown.

Denise might come in more than one complexion, too. I thought that was a nice touch. Denise has a different face mold. Her grin is more toothy than Kenya's; her face looks flatter with a lower hairline.

The Neutral News

The price difference - $10.00 for the smaller boxed dolls and $15.00 for the wider boxed dolls - seems to be based on the outfit. The skimpier fashions are lower priced; the more substantial fashions are higher price. By skimpier fashions I mean rompers and simple dresses; by more substantial fashions, I mean the pullover top and jeans shown on Rock Star Kenya shown below.

The Bad News

I did not see either of the guys or Keyshia in this Walmart store.

I am a little disappointed in the Denise doll. Both dolls' heads look super big. Some of the dolls are wonky-eyed and wild-haired.

Have the new ladies reached your area? What do you think of them?