Monday, February 20, 2012

Tiana's Car - Out of the Ordinary

At first glance, I crinkled my nose at Disney's Tiana's Car. The colors: purple and green. I don't like purple for cars. I have a lime green Volkswagen bug that I LOVE. The VW has a hippy dippy "feel" to it. But I do not like purple for cars. So I would have dismissed this car based on that aspect. Then I looked at it again.

What if it were repainted, I mused. The lines were different. Roadster instead of a standard car. So it has some mushy, icky little green hearts on it. I could fill those in or alter them so that they were round ....

Soooo .... this is next on my vehicle list. Once I have completed Operation Downsize. Maybe I will paint it tan, this roadster. I'd like a tan car.