Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Pinterest Wish List

I know. I know. My birthday was last month. So, what's with the Pinterest DAF Wish List? Well, I pinned a how-to site and decided to try it. Voila. Easy, peasy, me so breezy. A way for me to share the spectacular photography of others here on my blog. Whooo hooo! Pretty pictures.

Sure, some of you may have unlimited dolly budgets. And sure, you are thinking, why don't I just buy some of those Wish List dolls and/or action figures for D7ana?* Holds up hand. Now, you know I cannot accept any new dolls or action figures at this time. Apply handkerchief. After I reduce the dolls and action figures I have to a more manageable quantity, then I will review what I have left and determine if the Wish List dolls and action figures remain the same. So this list might change. We will see.

Alas, I regret that you will see my photo at my Pinterest board. Sigh. Regrettable, that, but there you have it. For years, you have been spared. Shrug. Focus on the doll and action figure photos ... those are fun!

*I am joking: even if anyone has unlimited dolly funds, I would not expect him or her to buy stuff for me. Pfft. You have your own collections to gather and to photograph. So I can enjoy your pictures ... without increasing my collection ;-D