Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Pinterest Wish List

I know. I know. My birthday was last month. So, what's with the Pinterest DAF Wish List? Well, I pinned a how-to site and decided to try it. Voila. Easy, peasy, me so breezy. A way for me to share the spectacular photography of others here on my blog. Whooo hooo! Pretty pictures.

Sure, some of you may have unlimited dolly budgets. And sure, you are thinking, why don't I just buy some of those Wish List dolls and/or action figures for D7ana?* Holds up hand. Now, you know I cannot accept any new dolls or action figures at this time. Apply handkerchief. After I reduce the dolls and action figures I have to a more manageable quantity, then I will review what I have left and determine if the Wish List dolls and action figures remain the same. So this list might change. We will see.

Alas, I regret that you will see my photo at my Pinterest board. Sigh. Regrettable, that, but there you have it. For years, you have been spared. Shrug. Focus on the doll and action figure photos ... those are fun!

*I am joking: even if anyone has unlimited dolly funds, I would not expect him or her to buy stuff for me. Pfft. You have your own collections to gather and to photograph. So I can enjoy your pictures ... without increasing my collection ;-D


RoxanneRoxanne said...

I really want to help you downsize your collection D7ana. Therefore if you should ever decide that you want to sell your original Takara Tom, message me privately. :)

Your wish list is long and impressive. I see that we want some of the same dolls (Colored Francie, Annik, some of the JLS guys, etc.). Does Annik have the same face as Alyssa? And I kind of want a Hot Toys Babydoll figure also (oooh and Black Widow, but we're talking about your wish list, not mine, sooo...). Good luck on reducing your collection, and I hope that you're able to add some new goodies from your wish list to your collection soon!

pattidolls said...

I wish you good luck! I just bought a new car and now have a car payment for the first time in 5 years so my Barbie bucks are now in serious jeopardy. Guess I'll just wait for the sales and only buy what I truly love. How do people make money off these blogs?

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! Aw, you are too kind ;-D!

If I ever decide to sell my original Takara Tom, I will remember to contact you.

Problem? I pick up someone and say, go or stay? And although there have been some easy go's, some of them want to battle with me. "Yeah, are you SURE that you won't miss ME?" Or, "girl, your Momma bought me - I think you betta put me down and look at that one over there. Yeah, her." Sigh.

That's an interesting question about Annik: she might have the Alysa face - one of them, lol. I'm going to ask on FB about her.

I have only just BEGUN to list my Hot Toys wants. We think alike there, too, ha ha.

Thanks. Do need to reduce my collection. I do have some repeats that could grace new homes. Pause to cross fingers. Thanks for the positive vibes!

D7ana said...

Hi Pattisdolls! Just finished my response to Roxanne and saw your comment.

Thanks for the positive wishes.

Congrats on the car. That's great! That vehicle will help you carry dolls and doll stuff home! Or to flea markets for sales ;-P

How to make money blogging? That would make a good post topic. Several good post topics, lol. Aside from provide content for your target market, you have to promote, promote, promote. And diversify, diversify, diversify.

I have 2 Pinterest boards - one and two - chockful of ideas that may help us earn money from our blogs. Crossing my fingers, too ;-)

pattidolls said...

Dana, when I hear about these youngster bloggers making zillions on fashions blogs, I ask myself where did I go wrong? I've been on the internet since before they were born! I don't want to be greedy, I just want to fund my Barbie bucks.

D7ana said...

Hi Patti! Me, too! I would LOVE to earn money from my blog. Regular income. Maybe not this one, lol, but from a blog. You might want to listen to Derek Halpern, one of the new gurus of online marketing and promotion. He's fun and inspiring.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

It can be difficult to get to a Pinterest page if you are not a Pinterest member. It's a little annoying because Pinterest often comes up within the first page of a web search; they must be promoting themselves heavily. I did like looking at all your boards; I will look in more detail when I have time.

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius! I didn't know that it was hard to access Pinterest pages if you are not a member. I agree that they are promoting themselves heavily. Glad you enjoy looking at my boards (aw, shuck - grin); let me know if you join. I'm sure that I would enjoy seeing your pins, too. And maybe we could create a shared board where we both post.

Muff said...

And I thought my Amazon wish list was long, LOL. I still have my eye out for Julian's when I'm shopping because I remember you said you wanted him. He won't take up too much room.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Those were only the ones I could find photos of, lol. You're right, Julian would not take up a lot of room. And he's soooo cute. Don't know how I missed him.

Some of the photos - well dolls and action figures - were multiples; I would see a different picture of the same doll and like that view ;-P

Bottom line though, I have to let some of these folks go ...