Thursday, June 23, 2011

eBay and International Sale (Was United States Postal Service Blip)

Frequent PhillyCollector readers might recall my investigation of a package sent overseas. I had to find out if the item had left the U.S. so I had to go to the post office branch I used. The postal worker there sent me to our main post office.

Visit to the Main Post Office (30th and Chestnut Streets)

I spoke with a United States postal service supervisor. He informed me that no package takes a month to leave the U.S. If there were a problem with the mailing address or if the postage were insufficient, the package would return to me, the shipper. I do not have the package. I did not receive it back so it must be in Germany. The U.S. postal service cannot track the path of packages outside the U.S.

I informed the buyer of this statement. She responded that only here in the U.S. can the item be checked. There is no similar system in Germany seems to be the gist of her response.

So I now seek information about Customs in Germany. Is there a central location?

The problem is that the order went through eBay. The buyer has a time limit on when she can get her money back from PayPal. I have to check my "rights," as well. This being eBay 2011, I doubt I have any. But I will check and write again.

To be continued ....

UPDATE: International Collector Seeking Belt and/or Dress for Petworks Momoko 03SSor

Dear Momoko fans and owners:

Above is a photo of Petworks' Momoko 03SSor from The East series. Lovely doll, yes? But notice the dress .... If you have that orange dress with its original black belt or just the original black belt for sale or if you see it for sale online, please contact Francesca.

When Momoko 03SSor was in my collection, I had re-named her Francesca. You will find photos of her in earlier posts here on PhillyCollector. Her boyfriend then was Tango Ken. Interesting coincidence about the name, hmmm?

UPDATE: Francesca has found the Momoko dress with its belt on eBay. Yay! Happy ending, yes? Yes. Just goes to show, what happens if we think long and hard enough on our Grail Items.