Wednesday, June 22, 2011

United States Postal Service Blip

For those collectors in the U.S.A. who ship overseas - help! I've come across my first International shipping problem. Heretofore, my stuff always got where it should be within the expected time. However, I have learned that an item I sent out nearly four weeks ago did not reach its destination. Here is the message I received when I checked the label/receipt number:

Service(s): International Letter

Status: Processed through Sort Facility

Your item was processed through and left our PHILADELPHIA, PA ##### facility on May 26, 2011 at 11:42 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. No further information is available for this item.

Shouldn't there be some other message that the item left the country?

I will go to a Post Office tomorrow to ask about this finding, but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of result. If it helps, the destination was Germany.

Thanks for any feedback. I'll write a follow-up with the information I get from a postal worker tomorrow.

D7ana aka Dana


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

No, the information you received is probably all the information the PO has (online). You may be able to get additional information about the package at your local post office with the necessary customs papers, insurance receipt(if the package was insured), etc. The package could be held up in customs at our end or at the recipient's end.

I ordered an item from an Australian seller last year that took three months to arrive. The seller used sea mail which was supposed to take 4 to 8 weeks. I had considered it a loss until the banged up package finally arrived.


D7ana said...

Thanks, DBG! I appreciate hearing your story.

Bad thing: the order went through eBay.

Frannie said...

It's happening right here in the US lately.
I bought a group of dolls on E-Bay. It had a tracking no, and all the info I was able to get was that the Electronic info had been sent. Yesterday the seller contacted me to ask if I had received the dolls yet. I went on the USPS site and found out that the dolls had left the major facility in Jersey City yesterday, so I knew I would receive them
today, which I did. It seems not all the facilities are scanning the packages. Go to the Post Office and find out what is happening for your peace of mind.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Frannie.

I am not looking forward to this visit. When I first started mailing stuff overseas, it was fun to go to the post office. Now, it seems that the workers are more hostile about weighing the packages and checking services for different countries. Sigh.

And I have to have that particular receipt ....