Friday, August 21, 2015

Updating and Branding A PhillyCollector Blog

Okay, I am overdue a makeover. Well, A PhillyCollector is due a makeover. While I'm at it, why not throw in some branding, too? This is the year to go BIG. I'm working on a Pinterest board with ideas about colors and fonts and layouts for A PhillyCollector. If you'd like to throw in suggestions or tips, please do. In the meantime, here are some past faces of A PhillyCollector, courtesy of the Internet Archive.






I like the airy look, but it's too bare and too cluttered along the side. I've got two colors in mind. I haven't used them before. I'm saving them because I don't want to spoil any color suggestions you might have. Feel free to advise as you would - if I went to a party wearing heavy lime green eye shadow,  orange rouge, and silver tinsel hair swatches, you'd tell me I was a shade garish, hmm?