Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor Triumphant

"Sock-it to me silver boots, red shiny boots, red matte boots, turquoise shiny boots, orange shiny boots, lime shiny boots. Hooo hoooo. Color me happy in boots!"

Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor wearing a Barbie Fashion Fever halter and miniskirt and Lollipop Girl silver boots.

"At last, at last. Something mine. At last."

Those leftover Lollipop Girl boots pleased someone. They don't really fit the Barbies or the action figure females. Basic and Sunset Tuesday Taylors and Taylor Jones could wear them, but because they have the pliable plastic legs, it is harder to put the boots on and off. Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor was the only one with the right foot size and feet firm enough to pull on and pull off the Lollipop Girl boots. Now she needs fashions to match ... but that is another story.

New Blog Alert - Celebrity Doll Website - Recalls Older Website, Famous Figures

I was curious about Ms. Leo's Kristi Yamaguchi doll so I did a little research. Playmates created dolls of Ms. Yamaguchi and a few other female ice skaters in 1998. Go, Playmates go, I thought. Seeing some of the faces, I thought ... hmm if I were them, I'd go very far. Like a place where I can hide in plain view ... Sometimes, it must be difficult to recreate 1:1 scale features in 1:6 figures. Not all of the figures are flattering. Eh but some people are just happy to be immortalized in plastic at all. Accuracy might not be as important as having your own action figure or doll.

One of the websites mentioning the Kristi Yamaguchi doll was a NEW doll site called The Celebrity Doll Museum.

This website has a list of many celebrity dolls and action figures. It's a new venture - since 2010 - so they have yet to have photos of all the figures they acknowledge exist. I think it will be fun to see them develop and to send them messages about dolls and action figures they might have missed.

Longtime online doll and action figure collectors will remember Famous Figures. Yes, the website that clued countless collectors into which doll or action figure resembles the star or famous person you needed for your diorama. While Famous Figures does not seem to have been recently updated, it has YEARS of photos of celebrities and dolls and/or action figures who resemble those celebrities. I bring this link forward for any newer DAF collectors.

Warning: the Famous Figures website can be addictive. Happy viewing!

Query: Do you have any favorite celebrity DAFs? Or are you working on a figure of yourself as the next UNDISCOVERED DAF?