Friday, August 31, 2012

eBay Listings Teen Niki.

I have a Teen Nikki for sale on eBay. Her eBay ID is 320973812085. I will put up some other items over this weekend, there on eBay, on TheDollPage, and here on PhillyCollector. Please check for items you might want or that a friend might like.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Twilight Dolls Coming - Thanks, Lubo!

Lubo posted this information on FaceBook. So he's the Scoop King today. Thanks, Lubo!

Mattel sure knows how to work a license, don't they? Guess what they have coming out in 2013? MORE Twilight dolls! Yes! I have only seen photos of two of the dolls - Jasper and Rosalie. Jasper has rooted, curly hair - okay, he's on my list. Rosalie, meh ... wiggles fingers ... I don't know. She's got the chalky complexion and red eyes so she's probably one of the vampire characters.

The others listed are Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. I think there is one Twilight character who is supposed to have dreadlocks ... is he Emmett? I might get him then. Oh, wouldn't it be grand if Mattel did dreadlocks? I mean they have done their style cornrow, but the locks would have to be thicker and rougher textured. I am all for thicker hair, lol.

I should check on these characters. Maybe tomorrow. But it's fun to share a scoop from FB here in the blogzone.  

Sigh. No Emmett is a Cullen. So he's related to Edward. Sigh. Okay, the Twilight fans can have a big laugh at my expense. Screwing up the characters. Sigh. Okay, I am still a little sore that I recognize the names "Edward" and "Bella" in association with that movie. The one with dreadlocks might be "Laurent."

Time I settled down. I might have terrible nightmares of listening to Bella whine and/or Edward sprout insipid rot. Shudder, shudder.

Retro Plastic Rainwear Play

Rainy day Monday was followed by Overcast Tuesday. Nikki and Tamaki found two older rain garments and decided to show off the fashions. Imagine someone actually thinking these fashions were cool? Ha, ha, ha. Nikki wears the red and yellow plastic raincoat while Tamaki wears the blue rain cape with green collar. Nothing says classy like plastic rain wear!

Melody overhears their plans and quickly dons her old raincoat and boots. Her hair looks unruly because - in her haste to catch up with the teenagers - she ran out before her Mummy could finish brushing her hair. Mummy will not be pleased with that.

The girls hear Melody behind them and wait for her to catch up. What's such a little girl doing out alone in the park? Why are her pigtails hanging like that? Melody wants to take a picture in her old raincoat. Nikki pauses to consider. Would Melody prefer to return - after her Mummy does her hair - and have her photo taken then? No, no, no. Melody wants her photo taken here and now. (Mummy might not let Melody back out again or it might rain or anything could happen to stop her having a photo taken in the park.) Tamaki agrees that Melody's mother would not likely allow Melody out again. So they allow Melody one photo before they take her home. Here are their photos below:

The plastic rain wear worn by Nikki and Tamaki are generic fashions from the 1970-80s. They are NOT Mattel fashions ... at least, I doubt that they are. Melody's raincoat, dress, hat, and boots are Mattel fashions though ... they are part of a rainy day set from 2005.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updated eBay Mixis Fashion Doll Guide

I have added new photos and changed the text a little on my eBay guide to the Mixis Fashion dolls.

Yes, I really do want the next batch of dolls to be produced.

No, I do not get kickbacks for mentioning these or any other dolls or action figures.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cool Doll Photography on Flickr

Today, I noticed some (new-to-me) stunning doll photography on Flickr by a doll enthusiast called Dollsalive. Amazing doll posing and dioramas. I noticed the names of fellow DAF bloggers so I *know* that some of you have seen this artist's work before. For those of you who have not, behold. Enjoy. Inspiring work.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Mix Dolls ... Will a Girl Band Take Your $$$?

Bring on the Girls ... as in girl band Little Mix, winners of the 8th X Factor.

The Little Mix quartet includes:
  • Perrie Edwards
  • Jesy Nelson
  • Jade Thirlwall
  • Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Vivid Imaginations are to launch the Little Mix fashion dolls this November. As I have mentioned before, I have scant interest in the various groups from which new fashion dolls are created. But I LOVE having new face molds. When the new dolls are boys, that is even better because ... well, we don't get many boy dolls. Ken, Steven, Ryan, and the other guys are few and far between compared to the many female dolls produced. Partly, that has been because female dolls have more clothes.

I wonder though, how many collectors will buy these dolls.  (Alas, I do not have any promotional photos of them.) They should have new doll faces. The quartet have fresh, young faces - not particularly glamorous or stunning. Do you think that the Little Mix dolls will generate as much collector interest as the 1 Direction dolls or the JLS dolls or The Wanted dolls?

Me? I confess, I am interested, but not as keenly interested as I was about the "boy dolls." That is my opinion at this time though ... when I see the actual dolls, my opinion might change.

Here is a recent interview with two of the singers for any Little Mix fans among you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Limited Edition Emerald on Sale for $19.99

This is a super great deal: the Limited Edition Emerald - that's the YNU Group fashion doll wearing the turquoise tank, the blue denim mini skirt, and the black FAUX LEATHER boots! She also has a knit cap and knit shrug and a pair of plastic black high heeled sandals. So if you have held out, now is your time to buy her. From whom? Gile Toys!

Here is the post where I received the two Mixis dolls I received from Gile Toys. Gile Toys provided excellent service - I received the dolls in great condition and in a timely manner. I would recommend them as a doll dealer.

My guess is that these are the last of the Mixis dolls sold here. For the original line anyway. Hello ... oh, guess you have all left this page. Good luck scoring this incredible doll in her best outfit ;-D

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paper Accessory Query for Vintage Barbie Fans

Calling all and any vintage Barbie fans. I have a tiny Barbie-sized "envelope" that I think is a vintage Mattel Barbie or Francie accessory because I found it in a mod Francie hatbox. It is 3/4" long and 5/8" high. It is one piece, slightly shiny cardboard-like paper. The cursive writing is not legible due to the size - and I do not think that it was intended to be legible. It has two red marks to represent that it was postmarked. Due to its size and my camera skill limitations, it is tricky to show, but here is my best photo of it.

Does anyone recognize it as an accessory to any 1960s Barbie or Francie outfit? If yes, could you please let me know which one or ones. Also, if anyone has an idea of what it would sell for, I would appreciate knowing that. Thanking you in advance.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toy Violation

When I wrote Careful When Buying 1Direction Dolls, I had not realized the prevalence of toy substitution theft. Sure, I have seen dolls placed in other dolls' boxes. But I had naively assumed that that only happened occasionally. Well, it seems as though that is only ONE of the many tricks criminals use to steal toys. Yes, STEAL because that is what the criminal is doing. Stealing dolls. If this subject interests you, read Paul Nomad's short article about additional misdeeds. My favorite part was reading how some criminals were caught. Gotcha!

"Bad boys, bad boys ... "

IKEA Furniture for Playscale Collectors

IKEA furniture and doll/action figure collectors seem almost like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, oh and peanut butter and bananas. A given, right? I have a Detolf glass cabinet and 2 Billy bookcases. The Detolf cabinet displays scenes at times or boxed favorites at other times. The IKEA products are cheap - relative to what a wood and glass display cabinet would cost - and easy to find or order. So it is not surprising that we collectors - preferring to spend our spare funds on dolls, action figures, and their props - seek IKEA furniture

Alison in CA from The Fashion Doll Review suggests the Billy bookcases.

Another collector uses Bonde bookcases.

Rebecca from Inside the Fashion Doll Studio shares her doll room plan that includes IKEA glass cabinets and book shelves.

How many of you use IKEA furniture to house or to display your playscale collectibles? Which pieces would you recommend? Which pieces need additional support and/or alteration?

Are there other mass produced furniture or storage units that you use? I have three black-gray Sterilite plastic storage units that have held part of my boxed and deboxed collection for years. They are not pretty, but they are efficient. My only caveat is that the upper shelves on the wider unit seem to tilt forward.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Barbie Face Guide Online - For BDE et al.

Black Doll Collecting blogger DBG asked for information on more recent head molds. I found one site that has Barbie head molds AND the dolls that use those face molds. The site is called, "Model Muse Wiki." Felicity K is the chief moderator. She and her team of doll enthusiasts have even added the new Stephen Burrows Pazette doll to their head mold list. Impressive, huh?

If there is any other Barbie face mold website - other than Katti's - please share that news. Nice to pool our resources. Thanks in advance.

Say, how many of you knew that the Mattel Joan Jett, Cleopatra, and Zac Posen's sister dolls share the same face mold as Nichelle? Can Mattel work their face paint magic, or not? Uh oh, I hope there isn't a surge of collectors denouncing the authenticity of Nichelle as a Black doll. Naughty me, hahaha.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Takara's Action Boy: Angels Garden Shou, Part 1

Most of Takara Jenny's male friends have limited articulation. Think Mattel Ken with faux-bendable legs. These teens - Jeff, Charles, Raph, and Tom - can turn their heads from side to side, move their arms up and down, and sit with their legs extended before them. Forget about bending their elbows or knees or about having them taking any wide stances. Yes, that limited. But Jenny has one male friend, A.G.I.S. Shou, who can boogie with other articulated dolls and action figures. With a LOT of patience on the part of the person posing him.

But what does this A.G.I.S. mean? A.G.I.S. is the abbreviation of Angels Garden International School, a fictional high school that Jenny, Ferice, Valerie, and Lilian attend. I remember that Valerie was a senior who worked in Kyoko's clothing boutique. Kyoko's shop assistant is Moe, whose brother Shou is a friend of Jenny. This Jenny wave was the MOST anime-influenced as you will see in the photo showing Shou with two other Jenny male friends, Charles and Tom. Super-sized eyes with giant highlights.

Time for Shou specifics. Shou has the Takara Ken face mold. He is about 11.5 inches tall and very thin as you will see in his underwear advertisement photos. His hands seem large for his frame - then again, he is a growing teenager. His joints leave him a little on the floppy side; he easily topples over unless propped up. So he doesn't stand well on his own. However, the extra articulation points along his lower arm allows him to touch his face. Here are two photos demonstrating Shou's posing ability.

Shou plays peek-a-boo!

Okay, tight hamstrings won't allow him to touch his toes.

Shou shown among other Jenny boy friends stands out. All of my Toms seem to have a tough guy aura while my one Charles looks distinguished and aloof. Shou on the other hand, has an alert, friendly air. He's a buddy boy guy.

From left to right: Chinese Tom, A.G.I.S. Shou, and Prince Charles all by Takara

I will do a follow-up post showing Shou with Mattel Fashionista Ken and SpinMaster Jake. You'll be surprised to see who masters the gentleman's crossed leg pose best.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Black Barbie (and Francie) Dolls! Stephen Burrows Anyone?

Oh, my stars! I have got to become a Barbie fan club member.

The wonderful writers of My Barbie Doll submitted this information: Mattel will be issuing Fuchsia 'N Fur, a Black Silkstone Francie - eeekkkk! - and a Stephen Burrows Pazette Barbie. Wow. Hopping up and down - wow, wow, wow! Deep breath time. Pause. Fan self.

Both dolls are lovely. I love the new hairstyle the Silkstone Francie has - her right side-part hair hangs slightly longer on the left side. The hair looks to be two-toned, black and brown streaked. Her eyes are brown with a darker iris so they are more realistic than the old rust-eyed Francies. The only bummer is the tiny bit of light blue eye shadow. Sigh. Why ... but otherwise, she is gorgeous.

The Stephen Burrows doll was designed by Linda Kyaw and created by the international African American designer. (Hey, that's the text that Mattel has in their description.) I love her face - the strong eyebrows and dark red lips and the direct facing eyes. I've used up my quota of "wow," but that's the word that comes to mind on seeing her. Stunning. (And she reminds me of a fellow blogger, too. I won't say who because she would probably feel embarrassed.)

So check in regularly at My Barbie Doll. Thanks, thanks, thanks. I will be sooo broke, but thanks.

Bowling for Barbie and Other Playscale Figures

How many people bought a Liv bowling night accessory pack only to find that there were NO pins included? This one dollar - before tax - bowling pin set can provide your Liv, Barbie, and other fashion dolls and/or action figures with the pins to actually play the game. I found this set at a Deals store in Philadelphia, but you can try your area discount store chains and/or dollar stores for the set.

One, two, three ... pow!

Curious about bowling in general? Here is a link to a Wikipedia article, a page of bowling terms links, and a page of bowling teams.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bottle Identification Help Requested

I've got this bottle that I am 98% sure belongs to my Integrity Toys Holiday Candi doll. However, I did not document this accessory so I'd like to get confirmation from other Holiday Candi owners. Is this the bottle that came with the two clear plastic long stemmed glasses and this doll? I thank you in advance for any help in this identification.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Any KISS Fans Visiting?

How many fans of "Beth" or "All American Man" are reading today's post? I confess: I briefly was a Kiss fan. Late 1970s. "Shy" Peter Kriss, the dreamy drummer. That was the closest to "official cool" that I got, lol. Any fans have the original Mego KISS dolls of 1977-78? Them, I did not get because the faces were permanently painted. I wasn't die-hard enough of a fan to want them forever painted. So I did not buy the original Mego set. Shrug.

Well, if you missed getting the Mego dolls then AND if you feel nostalgic, you can search for those figures on eBay or you can check out the NEW KISS dolls. Yes, there are new KISS dolls. Figures Toy Company will be selling 8" and 12" KISS dolls. Mego Musuem interviews Anthony Balasco of Figures Toy about these KISS dolls. The company has a contact form for those interested in them.

Will I be getting any of them? No. I no longer care to be "cool." But I'd love to see the dolls online.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Careful When Buying 1Direction Dolls ...

Here are photos of two 1 Direction dolls I saw at Walmart today. Anyone want to state what is wrong with one of them?