Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Twilight Dolls Coming - Thanks, Lubo!

Lubo posted this information on FaceBook. So he's the Scoop King today. Thanks, Lubo!

Mattel sure knows how to work a license, don't they? Guess what they have coming out in 2013? MORE Twilight dolls! Yes! I have only seen photos of two of the dolls - Jasper and Rosalie. Jasper has rooted, curly hair - okay, he's on my list. Rosalie, meh ... wiggles fingers ... I don't know. She's got the chalky complexion and red eyes so she's probably one of the vampire characters.

The others listed are Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. I think there is one Twilight character who is supposed to have dreadlocks ... is he Emmett? I might get him then. Oh, wouldn't it be grand if Mattel did dreadlocks? I mean they have done their style cornrow, but the locks would have to be thicker and rougher textured. I am all for thicker hair, lol.

I should check on these characters. Maybe tomorrow. But it's fun to share a scoop from FB here in the blogzone.  

Sigh. No Emmett is a Cullen. So he's related to Edward. Sigh. Okay, the Twilight fans can have a big laugh at my expense. Screwing up the characters. Sigh. Okay, I am still a little sore that I recognize the names "Edward" and "Bella" in association with that movie. The one with dreadlocks might be "Laurent."

Time I settled down. I might have terrible nightmares of listening to Bella whine and/or Edward sprout insipid rot. Shudder, shudder.


Muff said...

I have the Edward and Jacob dolls from the New Moon line, I think. None of the girls except the red head, Victoria interested me but all the versions I saw of her had bad face paint.

Even if I don't buy them, I'd still like to see how the new versions turn out.

I went to the website you linked and the Jasper doll looks EXACTLY like Harley Ken but with curly hair. They could have used a different mold, geesh.

D7ana said...

Jacob is the only Mattel Twilight character that I have. Victoria is on my list though - love her vivid redhair, her rocking attitude, and steampunkish outfit.

Thanks for the tip about the Jasper doll probably having the Harley/Edward head sculpt. I wonder if the curly hair and different face paint improve his look?

Vanessa said...

I don't have any Twilight dolls. I've contemplated Jacob, but couldn't get pass the nose. I like the new Jasper. Didn't notice he was Harley Ken until Muff's note, but he still looks nice.

D7ana said...

Yes, the nose of Jacob, lol. I did pause over that, but then I thought, hey, he's got a different face.

I think Harley Ken looks a little better than Twilight Edward; I hope that the new Jasper looks a little better than the HD Ken. And even though I know that Mattel will issue him on that male model muse body (gggrrrr). Sigh. Bummer that, hey?

MissSpottyJane said...

And here I expected the wedding dolls to be the last of Barbie's Twilight line. I own several of them, because doll collecting has left me with no dignity. The faces are generic enough I can pretend they're regular fashion dolls. And to think Mattel passed on a Dark Shadows license, though maybe they used up all the undead tinted vinyl in China.

D7ana said...

Hi MissSpottyJane! No, Mattel is going to milk this Twilight line for all it can, lol. They passed on a Dark Shadows license? Bummer. I would have loved to see their Lara Parker Angelique. Sigh.

Like you, I'll get them if I like them in the store ;-)

MissSpottyJane said...

In one of the BC.com designer chats, I think December~January~ish, they mentioned having "brainstormed" over Dark Shadows, presumably the Johnny Depp version. The TV show, though, would be right up Mattel's alley, considering the way about 10 faces portray about 50 different characters. I needed that cane to keep my overflowing Monster High collection in line.