Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mixis Site Update

For the Mixis fans out there, the Mixis website has been updated. The sale page has a new web address. Do stop by to see the cleaner lines of the updated website.

For Mixis fans on Facebook, there is a sale until March 31, 2013. Buy any Limited Edition Mixis doll and receive a free outfit - your choice which outfit. Please note: the Sunset Editions are now called the "Limited Edition" while the former "Limited Edition dolls" are now called "First Edition."

Happy viewing and shopping!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

J Lo Barbie, Anyone? Thanks Lubo and Ada

Ada of My Favorite Dolls wrote a blog post on March 22 and L'ubo recently posted this news on Facebook: Mattel is producing a J Lo Barbie. So Jennifer Lopez fans, check out Ada's post because she has a photo of the doll.

Thanks, Ada and L'ubo!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Change Petition to Stop Glue in Barbie Heads

Collector/enthusiasts, are you tired of encountering glue in Barbie doll heads? Well, Laura Eng has a petition on for us. Click it and see if we can get something done about this problem.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mysterious Seaside Barbie ... Have You Seen Her?

I saw the Seaside Barbie in a local Walmart and took a photo of her just because ... well, she was there. I mean a doll I had not seen before. Then I tried to find her online and whoa, she does not appear on or under any of the search engines I tried. Has anyone seen her before? There was only the one doll left, and her box was a little tacky from - possibly - soda spray.

Here is a full-length view, a little askew ...

The back of her box ... which seems to have her as a blond character ...?

A close-up of her face ...

Now I almost wish that I had bought her. Hmmm ... almost.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Even Barbie Recycles ...

How many of you know that Barbie has become Eco-friendly? Yes, Barbie, one of America's leading consumers. How do I know this? Where did I learn this new fact? Check the accessories included for Barbie's recycling playset. Barbie has a lime green mesh bag for carrying items, a purple and hot pink recycle bin, a flower in a clay pot, cans and plastic bottles to place in the bin.  Neat, yes?

So let's hear it for the Pink Princess and her new occupation! Go Barbie, go!           


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Disney Findings

For the playscale Disney fans online, here are a few things that I saw recently at Walmart.

Sleeping Beauty - Aurora? - is available as a Dream Princess. The Dream Princesses seem to be basic Disney playscale dolls dressed in nighties and reclining on "bed" painted inside the doll's box. (Not the worst way to resell basic dolls. And nighties are a little more useful than swimsuits. At least they would be for me, lol.)

Sparkling Princesses Tiana and Sleeping Beauty. Sorry, the dresses don't work for me. I would rather the night wear.

This Patio swing is my favorite. I'd repaint it to be a front porch swing. (Years ago, I lived in a house that had a porch with a swing on it.) I would repaint this swing forest green or black. Cute, huh?

So those are the latest Disney items I have seen.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Ken Fashions ... Love the New Footwear!

I saw these three Ken fashions in Walmart today. While I may have seen the polka dot tuxedo before - possibly - the other two were fresh new to my eyes.

I call this one "Ken's Lumberjack Look."

Ken pulls out a blue-white plaid flannel-look shirt. I don't recall many flannel plaids for Ken so this is new. (I might be mistaken though. Please let me know if you can recall other flannel shirts worn by Ken.) Then again, I don't suppose flannel is a big fashion look. The reddish-maroon pants might be tie-dyed. Cute. Not overwhelmed by them though. The shoes though. Shriek. OMG! CHUKKAS! I used to wear chukka boots for casual wear. (Not that guys did not wear them or that I wore men's clothes. Chukkas could be worn by men or by women.) Aren't they cute? Tan chukka boots for Ken. Well, well.

Next up a black satiny tuxedo with white polka dots. This one I would call, "Barbie Made Me Wear It." Hot Barbie pink shirt or more likely, dickey. Eye roll. Okay, this is a Barbie-fashion match outfit, hmmm? Bright and not to my slightly conservative (fashion) taste.

Then again, the shoes might be black oxfords. That would be a neat look although it would be a little old fashioned for Ken. Then again, it might offset the polka dots and pink.

The last fashion, I would consider "Ken Goes Preppy."

Ken has a patterned pullover and lightweight plaid long shorts. Madras. Shrug. Cute but nothing outstanding. Well, the colors are not pink or purple. Hooray for that. But check that footwear ... puffy sneakers! (Sorry, I don't know their proper name, but I do recognize the style as current.) And aqua sneakers at that! Go, go Ken!

Any takers for these fashions?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ken and Hot Toys Guys

Fashionista Ken returns with Arabian Nights Ken and Legolas Ken to show the front (FK), the side (ANK), and the back (LK) of the poser Ken body.

Fashionista Ken shown with Hot Toys action figures. Okay, sure they have more points of articulation. But Ken wants everyone to know that he is taller than the Hot Toys guys. It isn't just his hat ;-)

Oh and he wants everyone to know that while his knees are articulated, those of the new Fashionista Ryan are NOT.

Even though Fashionista Ryan does have bendable wrists. Sigh, Mattel giveth and taketh, Ken reminds us.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plumper Kids from Paddywhack Lane - Ross Sale

How many of you find Mattel kiddies too thin and small? Want to have plumper playscale kids? Try the Costumed Kids from Paddywhack Lane LLC. These small cuties remind me of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 1980s. "Adorable, sweet, cute" are appropriate adjectives here. You can find them online OR find some of them at your Ross Dress for Less store. These figures are the ones that I saw at a Philadelphia Ross store.

I love the Ross pricing ... $3.99 each! The accessories look playscale; the dolls themselves might be a little off scale. You cannot see the face of Ella Mouse, but her toy or pet mouse looks adorable. The cheese wedge looks too big though. Then again, Ella might have really wanted that mouse caught.

Next is Joshua and his puppy. Is that dog food? Yes, D7ana. Food. And a bone for gnawing.

Lindsay Bumblebee has her own crock of honey. I would repaint the eyes to fit the Kelly/Chelsea dolls better.

Madeline the Duck has a cute little yellow rubber duckie and a floating ring. Awww ...

Here is the back view of the box for the Costumed Kids. There is a website you can visit that shows photos of a child tree house that might fit the Mattel Kelly/Chelsea dolls. Or it might inspire some of our creative enthusiasts to create his or her own kiddie tree house. Me? I hope that I come across a reduced price version of the tree house. Failing that, it might be a fun project to do on my own.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashionista Ken in Action Figure Clothes

Hottie Fashionista Ken decided that he would create a photo post of himself wearing action figure clothes as a special gift to Barbie for her birthday. These are the photos he chose.

Josie asked that she have front row viewing of Barbie's reaction.  How do you think Barbie or the Barbies will respond?
Aside: the first three photos show Ken wearing a blue shirt and an Old Joe Infirmary pair of black jeans. The OJI jeans are a little loose on him. The blue shirt is a little long in the sleeves although otherwise the fit was nice.

The next two photos show Ken wearing a brown "leather" jacket and a pair of blue Dragon brand jeans. The Dragon jeans fit Ken better than the OJI brand.

The sixth photo shows Ken in a pair of tan camouflage pants by Hasbro for G.I. Joe. Only the left suspender remains on Ken's shoulder; the right one popped off because Ken's torso is taller than Joe's. The pants pull up a little snug for Ken's comfort. He exited those pants as soon as he could.

The seventh and eighth photos show Ken wearing Donald Trump's navy jacket and the green riding pants from Jakks Pacific's Van Helsing. The jacket fits Ken well; the riding pants fit fairly well, too. Ken did not particularly care for the inner leg gussets.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunshine Family Fan? Here's a Blog Link for You

I was responding to a question from Teresa of Everyday People when I discovered a newish blog about the Mattel hip 1970s family, The Sunshine Family. Lots of nice photos and details about these dolls. So if you are a fan of that series, check out that blog.