Monday, March 18, 2013

New Ken Fashions ... Love the New Footwear!

I saw these three Ken fashions in Walmart today. While I may have seen the polka dot tuxedo before - possibly - the other two were fresh new to my eyes.

I call this one "Ken's Lumberjack Look."

Ken pulls out a blue-white plaid flannel-look shirt. I don't recall many flannel plaids for Ken so this is new. (I might be mistaken though. Please let me know if you can recall other flannel shirts worn by Ken.) Then again, I don't suppose flannel is a big fashion look. The reddish-maroon pants might be tie-dyed. Cute. Not overwhelmed by them though. The shoes though. Shriek. OMG! CHUKKAS! I used to wear chukka boots for casual wear. (Not that guys did not wear them or that I wore men's clothes. Chukkas could be worn by men or by women.) Aren't they cute? Tan chukka boots for Ken. Well, well.

Next up a black satiny tuxedo with white polka dots. This one I would call, "Barbie Made Me Wear It." Hot Barbie pink shirt or more likely, dickey. Eye roll. Okay, this is a Barbie-fashion match outfit, hmmm? Bright and not to my slightly conservative (fashion) taste.

Then again, the shoes might be black oxfords. That would be a neat look although it would be a little old fashioned for Ken. Then again, it might offset the polka dots and pink.

The last fashion, I would consider "Ken Goes Preppy."

Ken has a patterned pullover and lightweight plaid long shorts. Madras. Shrug. Cute but nothing outstanding. Well, the colors are not pink or purple. Hooray for that. But check that footwear ... puffy sneakers! (Sorry, I don't know their proper name, but I do recognize the style as current.) And aqua sneakers at that! Go, go Ken!

Any takers for these fashions?


Cindi Mortensen said...


I have all these outfits. LOL But the blue and white shirt isn't flannel. It's cotton--starched at that! I do have a red flannel shirt for Ken. It was one of those Fashion Avenue sets from the early to mid 90s. I really miss those clothes. They were so nice. Sigh...:-)

Georgia Girl said...

I have the first two, but not the last one. I need to get that one. I like to get shorts for my FR guys because the clothes are cheaper this way. Lol! Thanks for sharing.

Muff said...

I haven't seen these yet and I would buy all but the polka dots. Sometimes I question Ken's fashion sense.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: a week ago I bought new clothes for Ken. I have the blue plaid shirt. It was my favorite. The set with polka jacket is not very real for a guy. We keep in touch

V. said...

Haven't seen them yet, but definetely a go! And if Marta has one of them, probably they will get to Portugal :P I like the first one and really love the last! The polka dots suit is really weird for a guy...unless he's a clown --'

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for your comments!

@Cindi - thanks for the fabric correction. Darn. I would have liked flannel for that shirt. Let me know when you post the flannel shirt for your Ken. Ah, yes, those Fashion Avenue fashions were good. I have several loose and a few boxed.

@Georgia Girl - yay, you! Get those fashions ASAP ;-D I hope you find the preppy outfit soon.

@Muff - yes, sometimes Ken's taste is deplorable. My guys hang their heads in shame. They blame Mattel, lol.

@Marta - Oh, I am glad to read that you can get these fashions. I don't know many guys who would wear the polka dot jacket - especially with the hot pink dickie thing. Make that any guys. At least that I know would wear them.

@V. (Vanessa) I'll cross my fingers for luck and wish for these fashions also reach Portugal. Hope you get the first and the last ones ;-)

About the polka dot suit, lol.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

A flannel shirt had been nice, but I'm not surprised they went with something cheaper. I thought the reddish jeans (shorts?) were distressed, I would have preferred that to tie-dye. Nice shoes, though!

D7ana said...

Hi Anderson's All-Purpose! Ah, I am not surprised by the cheaper fabric either, shrug and sigh. Yes, I think you are right about those reddish pants ... them being distressed and NOT tie-dyed.

The shoes got me though, lol.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see your Followers visible ;-)

Carrickters said...

Very nice shoes. As for the outfits, I don't know who at Mattel designs Ken's fashions but maybe they need a men's designer to do something special.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! I love the shoes better than the outfits in these cases ;-D

I don't want to know who designs Ken's fashions. I suppose them to be very young, lol. Kidding! Joking!

Brini said...

I could use a few of those set myself,

D7ana said...

Good luck getting the sets, Brini. The shoes can be used for other outfits - why I was so enthusiastic about them ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

I love the shoes too! I purchase the polka dot suit because I seen some do something nice with it on Flickr! I add to my male fashion collection from time to time. I like the boot in the first outfit. If they come up for sale by themselves at a good price, then they are mine.

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo! Please show one of your guys wearing the polka dot suit. That would be nice to see.

Anyone else with the polka dot suit, please share your photos. I'm curious to see the model's reactions ;-D