Thursday, May 28, 2009

Re-use Plastic Boxes for DAF Collector Organizing

As I was deboxing my dolls for Project Emigration aka Refining the Collection, I noticed that the clear plastic boxes used for My Scene and other Barbie dolls and the clear plastic tubes used for the pre-Hobbit bodied Fashion Fever dolls could be re-used to hold items. I like the tubes for holding heads and accessories - separate, of course - and the boxes for holding bodies.

Aside: why do I have head tubes and body boxes? Sigh. I don't always like the head-body union that manufacturers provide. So I find a more suitable body and set aside the original body. Oops, got an extra head there. Or I want the doll to have more pose-ability so I body-swap. A discard body there. Solution: head tubes and body boxes.

These plastic boxes and tubes allow me to see what I have better than if I put the parts in an everything drawer or box. Plus, I can tuck them aside so that they aren't in my way when I don't need them. I don't have to buy organizing stuff and waste doll/action figure/accessory funds. I re-use stuff that would otherwise fill landslides.

Here's a photograph showing my new organizing aids:

I'm a happier collector ... and I didn't have to buy a thing.