Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Roxanne Rocks in Ryan's Mind - Ankle Foot Discovery!

"Yay, Roxanne!" he shouted. "That gal rules!"

That was my Ryan Whitaker's response after a hot tub immersion and the discovery that, yes, Roxanne - readers all over - Ryan Whitaker does have ankles and feet in his boots. See the discovery unfold in photos below:

Note: to the prurient, Ryan is not naked. He wears flesh colored underpants. Ta!

Ryan in a hot tub

Side bolts that attached his pants to his legs.

See the tip of Ryan's peg foot.

Emerging foot from the boot.

Ta da! He has a foot free!

Although his body has different shades of complexion, I am glad that I did not have to find a set of ankle-feet for him. He is much happier now. I just have to find that other boot-foot to give him back his left foot. Yay, Roxanne, for sharing your discovery and pushing for the unveiling of Ryan's feet.