Sunday, April 12, 2009

Integrity Candi and Janay and Storied Photos

I'm thinking about the best background for my next Janay and Candi photos. Rather than just photograph the dolls, I want to pull in the stories that I have for them. Note: some dolls, I have have no story background other than what the manufacturer provides. Other dolls and action figures have what I think of as East Philly characters and storylines. Most of my Janays and two Alysas, one Jade, one Jordan, one Alejandro, one Tariq, and one Giselle have stories. My Candis - exception is the More is More Candi - have story backgrounds, too. I'd like to work their stories into the photographs.

(Aside, I have just found the perfect figure for the oldest brother, Pierre. He's a Power Team Gunner, and he resembles the Janays and Tariq.)

Having stories for the dolls and action figures provides more fun for this collector anyway. Guess that means that I do still "play with" my dolls and action figures. Well, I confess - I like to have fun.