Sunday, December 16, 2012

Herringbone and Houndstooth in Logan Square

Could you name two formal, yet resilient fabrics? I nominate herringbone and houndstooth. I mean, what famous fictional character do those fabrics bring to mind? Sherlock Holmes, yes? Whether it is his hat or his overcoat, Mr. Holmes usually wears some kind of herringbone or houndstooth print. Very staid look. However, in the playscale world, herringbone and houndstooth prints have come some way from sartorial stoicism. So I pulled together some of my doll fashions using those patterns.

Here are some examples of new-style herringbone and houndstooth.

Who is wearing what? Shown from left to right, the dolls and fashions are:

Smartees Amanda wearing her original blouse, skirt, and hose and borrowing Anne Klein Barbie’s black-white houndstooth jacket and L.A. Luxe’s boots.

Mattel’s Nikki wearing an off-brand tan-cream houndstooth jacket, matching solid tan skirt, and Liv boots.

Aoshima/Skynet’s Girl's Mission Mai wearing Barbie Millicent Roberts’ beige cable sweater, Fashion Fever white-pink houndstooth mini skirt, white stockings, and Integrity Toys’ Rock Ringmaster Lukas’ boots. (Now that is a crush when you borrow his boots.)

Gemma (formerly Mattel’s Hermione Granger rebodied onto a Mattel HSM body) wearing a black herringbone Kari Mitchell coat, a Kari Mitchell black glitter top, a My Scene mini skirt, Takara Jenny socks, and her original Mary Janes.

Roxanne (formerly StarDoll Fallen Angel 2) wearing her original pants and boots and borrowing a Liv houndstooth jacket.

Integrity’s T.J. wearing Sinatra Barbie’s houndstooth suit and white blouse and black-white spectator pumps.

If these patterns interest you, you can read more about them on Charles Tyrwitt's website or see Google's offerings.