Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playscale Samsons: Long-haired Males

My guys - dolls and action figures alike - felt left out. So I offer this post as sop to them and as a photo theme contrast to my recent photos of female dolls and action figures. I gathered my long-haired guys and aimed the camera at them. For your viewing, the Samsons of East Philly:

Back row: customized Mattel Blaine, Toy Biz Gandalf, Bbi Tyr, Jakks Pacific Oliver, Jakks Pacific Van Helsing

Second row: Mattel John Smith, Dragon Ekin Cheng, Jakks Pacific Chris Jericho, Takara Chinese Tom, and Mattel Kocoum

Front row: Mattel Harley Davidson Ken 1, Mattel Legolas, Mattel Li Shang, and Hasbro Prince Moses