Friday, June 5, 2009

Doll Theme: Ancient Egypt Part 1 continued

More comments on and photos of Queen Adora ...

Queen Adora in Crown and Necklace (Both Cardboard)

I like the crown. Paper hats can be acceptable. The crown fits nicely over her bare head; it would tear over the wigged head. The necklace is a harder sell for me. It needs more give, more flexibility than the cardboard medium allows.

Queen Adora's Throne

At first, I thought a paper throne would be tacky. But this one is rather neat. No instructions were included, but looking at the finished chair on the doll box and the graphics on the actual cardboard piece, I was able to push and fold and tuck the throne into three-dimensional existence. I might go back and tape or glue some parts. Might also spray some kind of clear matte spray to strengthen it.

Just wish that Adora's legs would bend so that she could sit more naturally. Might need to re-body her onto a poser body ...

Wigged Queen Adora Seated

Last photo for this set: the wigged Queen Adora seated on her throne. The wig is nice. Fits fairly well over her head. She's an attractive doll with or without the wig.

I had thought I could use the wig to give one of my Joes a beatnik look. Changed my mind about that. First, the wig is longer than I had thought it would be. I was thinking the length was to the shoulders; the length is BELOW the shoulders. Sigh.

Overall, I like this doll package; it's got fun play factors even for an adult.