Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carnival Barbie to be Rebodied

In the Comments section, Muff had asked if the Festivals of The World Carnival Barbie's body were rounder like her face. Alas, that Barbie is on a standard belly button body so, no, it is not. That query set me wondering how I could give her have a fuller figure.

The first body that came to mind was Mattel's Raven from That's So Raven Disney show. That body is close in complexion to the Carnival Barbie AND just a little broader in the torso and rounder in the legs than the belly button body. Oh and the legs are a little shorter.

Mattel That's So Raven doll and Carnival Barbie doll
Mattel That's So Raven doll and Carnival Barbie doll

Then I wondered: is this the best match? So I checked a Cali Girl Horse Riding Lea doll. Yay, articulation added. Her arms bend at the elbows; her legs bend at the knees. Her feet are bigger, better proportioned to her body. But ... and here is the rub ... the body is a little darker. And she's no longer shorter.

Mattel Cali Girl Horse Riding Lea body and Carnival Barbie doll

No. I liked her being shorter. A My Scene Madison body has a lighter complexion, click bend knees, and smaller feet as seen below. No, no, no. Pass on this one, too.

Mattel My Scene Madison body and Carnival Barbie doll

Other choices for shorter bodies include Mattel Flavas Tawny or Flavas Tika or Spinmaster Alexis from the Liv line. (Note: you will need the lighter complected Alexis.) But they don't have the weight I'd like for this doll face.

I am saving the rebodying until after I've reduced my doll count. Why? Greater incentive to wrap up my organizing project. She will need some fashions that can be hers. I don't care for the original Raven outfit - bright orange jacket and turquoise pants? No.