Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Black Barbie (and Francie) Dolls! Stephen Burrows Anyone?

Oh, my stars! I have got to become a Barbie fan club member.

The wonderful writers of My Barbie Doll submitted this information: Mattel will be issuing Fuchsia 'N Fur, a Black Silkstone Francie - eeekkkk! - and a Stephen Burrows Pazette Barbie. Wow. Hopping up and down - wow, wow, wow! Deep breath time. Pause. Fan self.

Both dolls are lovely. I love the new hairstyle the Silkstone Francie has - her right side-part hair hangs slightly longer on the left side. The hair looks to be two-toned, black and brown streaked. Her eyes are brown with a darker iris so they are more realistic than the old rust-eyed Francies. The only bummer is the tiny bit of light blue eye shadow. Sigh. Why ... but otherwise, she is gorgeous.

The Stephen Burrows doll was designed by Linda Kyaw and created by the international African American designer. (Hey, that's the text that Mattel has in their description.) I love her face - the strong eyebrows and dark red lips and the direct facing eyes. I've used up my quota of "wow," but that's the word that comes to mind on seeing her. Stunning. (And she reminds me of a fellow blogger, too. I won't say who because she would probably feel embarrassed.)

So check in regularly at My Barbie Doll. Thanks, thanks, thanks. I will be sooo broke, but thanks.

Bowling for Barbie and Other Playscale Figures

How many people bought a Liv bowling night accessory pack only to find that there were NO pins included? This one dollar - before tax - bowling pin set can provide your Liv, Barbie, and other fashion dolls and/or action figures with the pins to actually play the game. I found this set at a Deals store in Philadelphia, but you can try your area discount store chains and/or dollar stores for the set.

One, two, three ... pow!

Curious about bowling in general? Here is a link to a Wikipedia article, a page of bowling terms links, and a page of bowling teams.