Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rebelde Guy-Gal Sets

Today I asked a Toys R Us staffer about the Rebelde Guy-Gal sets. He knew what I meant -- how many women go into a toy store during a recession and ask about dolls not on the shelves -- but he wasn't sure that they were out yet. He asked another staffer to check on the computer for the dolls. Well, not only were the Rebelde doll sets a no show on the computer, the one Rebelde Mia in Concert Fashion who was in the store, that doll didn't show up on the Toys R Us computer system either.


I do want to commend the staff at this Toys R Us store: they were patient and they made a sincere effort to find the dolls. I felt almost as sorry for them for the blank wall they kept hitting as for me.

I don't understand how Walmart had at least one set, and Toys R Us has none. I had thought that Toys R Us was the first and last doll and action figure store.

High School Musical Boy in Graduation Outfit

I was at the Wyncote/Cedarbrook Mall Toys R Us today -- I forgot to mention that location in the previous post. That Toys R Us had these Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year Graduation Day dolls: Gabriella, Sharpay, Troy, and Chad. On the back of the box, some other dolls are shown: Ryan, Chelsie, and Taylor. I relented and bought Chad. I mean, a NEW male head mold -- how could I pass him up? And the first Black male teenager - I mean who actually looks like a teenager LOL. Brad, Steven, and the Black Kens all look around thirty years old. Plus, Chad's sort of cute.

Chad will take classes with fellow HSM pal Ryan, Harry Potter, Kevin, and Scott. I can almost *see* the high school set -- stairs and a hallway. Throw in the Generation Girls, the Mystery Squad girls, and a few other teenagers -- neat scene.

Sets will be a future project. It's always fun to have new projects.