Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day: Playscale Pappas Including Darth Vader

3 male fashion dolls by Mattel; 1 action figure representing fathers
left to right Ned Syphon Sr., "Noah," Allan Happy, Rev. Isiah Ezekiel Hadley

These four characters were the first fathers I came across today. They are from left to right: Edward "Ned" Syphon, Sr. (originally Happy Family Grandpa Hadley), Noah, Happy Family Alan, and Reverend Isaiah Ezekiel Hadley (originally AA Happy Family Grandpa Hadley). All but Noah are Mattel dolls. Noah is from One2Believe. They represent some of the father figures here, and they present our wish for happiness for all fathers.

My Fathers Doll/Action Figure Collection

My first father doll was probably Steve Sunshine followed by Hal Happy. My next "official" father doll would have been Manuel. Later I drafted my Hasbro "The Defender" figure to be father to two toddler dolls I had. Steve, Hal, and Manuel were the groovy, hip fathers: the Defender was the heavy, solemn, rigid father. A "do as I say father." However, most of my dolls and action figures were single because - to my child and teenaged thinking, the single dolls were free to have more adventures. Shrug.

Today, I appreciate that fathers can have adventures, too. They have roles beyond the "cool" dad and the "stern" dad. Someday, I would like to add some of the traditional dads like Dr. John Littlechap and maybe Tammy's father as well as dolls and action figures who embrace the dad role offscreen.

Other Playscale Fathers

Here I list other playscale father dolls. I include grandfather dolls as well because they are fathers first. I *know* that there are gaps in this list, so please feel free to share your list of playscale fathers in the comments.


Darth Vader


Tammy's Dad, 1963

Majestic Studios

Commander Adama, 2008(?)


Desi Arnaz, 2000 
Frank Sinatra, 2000
Happy Family Alan, 2002
Happy Family Alan, 2002 (Black/ethnic)
Happy Family Grandpa, 1976 (Original, ethnic)
Happy Family Grandpa, 2003
Happy Family Grandpa, 2003 (Black/ethnic)
Happy Family Hal, 1975
Heart Family Dad, 1985
Heart Family Grandpa, 1987  
Sunshine Family Grandpa, 1976
Sunshine Family Steve, 1974


Dr. John Littlechap, 1964


Manuel, 1970? - any information on Manuel who came with a blond wife and child, would be appreciated.


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